One Ring to Find
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You can only find this quest after you've completed The Masquerade. James in Bowerstone Industrial needs help finding a wedding ring that he accidentally dropped down the sewer (have Lionhead been playing Arcanum?). Although this quest doesn't give a huge reward, it's very useful as it lets you fully explore the Bowerstone Sewers, including the areas that are inaccessible from the Bowerstone Resistance headquarters.

Head to the door to the Bowerstone Sewer entrance near Reaver's factory, just underneath a large crane, then head on inside; look for the large crane if you're having trouble, as the door is right under it. You'll likely be attacked by a large group of Hobbes immediately upon entering, so deal with them as you deal with all Hobbes. Unfortunately, there's no loot in their little cave, but if you take the right-hand path upon entering the Sewers, you'll find the Silver Key that was likely taunting you from the moment you visited the Resistance earlier in the game.

Turn left and follow the tunnel. You'll encounter more Hobbes upon finding a crack in the wall, so dispose of them, but then backtrack a little bit for a dig spot in the right-hand alcove next to the hole in the wall, and a chest in the left-hand sewer tunnel just back where you came. Inside the room with the Hobbes, you'll also likely notice an Evil Gnome hanging from the ceiling, plainly visible in the light, so take him out as well. Once that's settled, continue forward, turning left and then right down the tunnel, until you come across another sewer grate and some tree roots coming through the wall. Dig underneath the grate for James' ring.

Return to James in Bowerstone Industrial for your prize of 5 Guild Seals.

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