A Marriage of Inconvenience
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In this quest, you'll be dealing with love, romance and all the drama that tends to revolve around such things. Delightful! Start it by traveling to Brightwall, then look for a house across a bridge overlooking the town square. You should see a couple arguing with one another - their roles in the quest are reversed based on your gender. You'll be asked by the estranged husband or wife to set up a divorce by seducing his or her spouse. Effectively, this quest is a tutorial on marriage, so if you already have a family, it should be familiar to you for the most part (and if you do have one, don't worry, it won't ruin your existing marriage).

Start by approaching the husband or wife and flirting as you normally would, with positive social interactions. Eventually you'll have to bring the spouse a gift, which seems to vary depending on the gender of the spouse, but should be fairly easy to obtain - check the nearby vendors for what you need if you don't already have it. Once that's done, continue the flirtation game a little more, and you'll be asked to go on a date to Brightwall Bridge. Take the spouse by the hand and lead him or her to the bridge leading out of town, and kiss him or her when you arrive.

At this point you'll be asked to propose, but in order to do so, you'll need to own a house of some kind, and have a Wedding Ring in your inventory. At this stage of the game you should have more than enough money to buy a house, the cheapest going for around 2,000 gold in Brightwall, less if you look elsewhere. Once you've satisfied those requirements, talk to the spouse again to get down on one knee and propose. The spouse will be overjoyed, and run to meet with the husband or wife. If you need help with making money, check our Gameplay Tips page for a few methods.

Head back to their home, and upon handing over the divorce papers, the husband or wife will inform their spouse that the whole thing was a setup. Not to go down quietly, your new partner will give you an offer: kill the husband/wife, and you'll get to share in a sizeable inheritance, as well as some evil points. If you don't want to do so, you can let the divorce go through and just walk away, but there's a couple of unwritten options as well. If you kill the spouse you've been seducing, you'll complete the quest and receive no gain or penalty to your morality. You can also choose to kill both of them, dealing with the problem “equally” and again leaving your morality untouched.

If you choose to go through with the marriage, you'll have to pick a venue for the ceremony, which might cost a bit of money, and then choose the house you want to use as your family home. Despite what's claimed, there doesn't seem to actually be any inheritance given. There's no repercussion to divorcing immediately after if you want to get rid of your new partner. Whatever you decide, you'll end up with a reasonable 20 Guild Seals as your reward.

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