The Coronation
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The Coronation is a short quest immediately following The Battle for Albion, and involves your passing judgment on your brother Logan, the former King. You'll begin with a cutscene of your coronation ceremony in front of the people of Bowerstone, and then find yourself within your personal chambers inside Bowerstone Castle. Here, you'll be congratulated by Walter, and introduced to your new personal assistant within the castle, Hobson, who is a man who has clearly studied the art of the suck-up in great detail.

Your first matter of business will be to decide just what to do with Logan. During the trial, your friends will call for his execution, but he will attempt to justify his actions by stating that he did what he did not out of lust for power or will to harm the people, but because it was necessary to protect against the evil from Aurora you faced earlier, the Crawler.

You now have a choice: execute Logan for his crimes against the people of Albion for some evil points, or grant him a royal pardon for doing what needed to be done in the face of a great threat. If you save him, you'll gain some good karma, and he'll become a background character and will show up in some of the subsequent cutscenes, but his major role in the game is finished. If he is executed, you'll see him shot on the steps of the castle, and the people will have vengeance, but you'll gain some evil points for doing so.

After this, you'll find yourself at the Road to Rule. Theresa will confirm that what Logan said is true: the darkness is coming to Albion, and Logan was not capable enough a ruler to stop it, so your intervention was necessary. She informs you that you now have one year to summon the necessary finances to build an army capable of defending Albion. You'll have to decide to be either a benevolent ruler, making decisions that either improve the lives of the people of Albion at great cost to the treasury, or which may harm the people in the short-term, but ensure their long-term survival. In practice it's actually not this clear-cut, and being good isn't quite as much a sacrifice as you're led to believe, but we'll get to that later.

For now, unlock the gate ahead of you and you'll be granted to your final, er, level of level-ups, including maxed-out Strength, Skill and Will abilities. You're now a god among men, it seems... in other words, a true Hero. When you're done, make your way out through the portal, to begin the ongoing and lengthy quest chain, The Weight of the World.

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