Gnomes Are Great!
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This quest can be obtained by Brian in Brightwall Village, who is obsessed with garden gnomes and has committed his life's efforts to obtaining them - you can find him in his private "gnome garden" near the back of the town by following the path up to Brightwall Academy, then heading right and down the slope - look for two large stone bullfrogs with a pond between them. Brian has ordered a "birthday present" for his very best gnome friend, Jonathan, but is concerned that the package has yet to arrive, and suspects the delivery may have been impeded in the Mistpeak mountains.

Travel out to Mistpeak and follow the glowing trail to the caravan. You'll find it just up from the lake, along the road to Brightwall, taken out by bandits who are contemplating just what they're going to do with its package. As you approach, you'll come under attack, so deal with them as you would any of their kind, then find the stone gargoyle among the wreckage, pick it up, and return to Brightwall.

When you get back to Brian, he will be positively ecstatic, and will hail you as a hero. Place the Gargoyle on the pedestal next to Brian, and he'll begin a ritual of sorts to activate it. The results? The gnomes... they're alive! Or at least able to dispense helpful advice. Your reward for completing the quest is 10 Guild Seals, which count towards the Leaders and Followers quest if you're pursuing it.

Completing this quest opens up the second, and much longer stage of this quest line, Gnomes are Evil!

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