Throne of Blood
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You'll only be able to access the Traitor's Keep quest line once you've completed the main storyline and fought off the threat of the Crawler. When you're ready and have met the requirement, make your way back to Bowerstone Castle to meet Hobson.

Of course, it seems now that the threat from Aurora is gone, leaderly life is... a little slower than it used to be. That is, until you find yourself under attack by a mysterious assassin within the castle's walls. You'll have to fight him off here. The assassin isn't so much difficult as he is long-lived. He has a huge health bar and will speak quite a bit about a "Keep" and "General Turner," as well as plans for a revolution in Albion. Unfortuantely, there's no easy way to kill him - you'll just have to keep pummeling him until he's given his whole, rather lengthy speech, before he succumbs soon after.

As soon as the assassin is dead, a soldier will come into the Throne Room and speak of an "enemy ship" on the horizon. You'll be transported to the shore outside Bowerstone Old Quarter, where you'll see the ship dock. After a stand-off, you'll find that these men, dressed as Logan's former elite, are actually from a secret prison called Ravenscar Keep, home to Albion's most insane and dangerous of criminals. The assassin came from there, and you're asked by Commander Milton to see it for yourself.

Boarding the ship will start the next quest, The Traitor's Keep, and take you away from the mainland. Don't worry, though, as you'll be able to fast travel using the Sanctuary if you wish to return to Albion, or any of the new Traitor's Keep locations for that matter.