The Wheel of Misfortune
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You'll need the Understone Quest Pack DLC for this quest to become available. After completing The Masquerade, you can return to Reaver's Manor for the ability to pick up some prizes, in the form of two unique Legendary Weapons. You'll be greeted by Reaver upon entering the Manor, and follow the stairs straight up to find yourself in the mini-game's main chamber.

The rules work a little differently than last time. While before you faced a fixed sequence of encounters, this time the Wheel of Misfortune will offer you a semi-random challenge, though the final round is always the same. Rather than surviving, you'll instead be facing a time limit during each of the six rounds, and the game will keep track of your total score to determine your reward at the end. You can build up multipliers to your score by killing enemies without taking hits, similar to the Combat Multipliers found in previous Fable games, and avoiding damage is essential to getting the highest scores. Even if you specialise in melee, you might find that ranged weapons are more useful simply to avoid taking damage.

The six rounds are as follows:
    1. Wolves: these are the same Wolves you'll find in Mistpeak and elsewhere. They're quite easy and you won't take many hits, but they also don't give many points. During this round you'll be fighting Hollow Wolves, which are skeletal versions of the wolves who you'll want to deal with very quickly, as their lightning attack can ruin your combo.
    2. Mercenaries: these guys are fairly tough, and can deal out large amounts of damage. Towards the end the ranged attackers and magic-using mercs will likely run any chance of building up a high multiplier, so don't worry too much about it, as they give fairly high point values compared to other enemies.
    3. Hobbes: as before, you'll be swarmed by these guys. Deal with the wizards as quickly as possible, otherwise they're little threat and fairly easy to dodge, so you'll likely keep your combo quite high throughout the battle.
    4. Hollow Men: great opportunity for building up a high score. The best strategy here, since Hollow Men don't have ranged attacks for the most part, is to either run and shoot at them, or use a surround spell, preferably with stunning capabilities.
    5. Sand Furies: as before, the Sand Furies are very fast and deadly. Dodge frequently and kill them fast with hit and run tactics, rather than brute force, as you'll take too many hits to maintain a high multiplier. Keep an eye out for their crossbow attacks as well, which will kill your combo.
    6. Final Round: during this round (which is always the last), you'll fight a mix of Wolves, Sand Furies, Mercenaries and Balverines. This one can be fairly tough to maintain a high combo through, due to the variety of enemies. Do your best to dodge, and using a Summon Creatures Potion is especially valuable here, as it will keep the many foes off your back.
There are two potential rewards. For 75,000 points you'll receive Dead Ned's Revolver, a fairly powerful pistol, and for 90,000 points you'll get Dirty Harriet, one of the most powerful guns in the game. There's no reason not to try for both, and most players should be able to get them with one or two tries. For attaining a "God-like" score, you'll also receive 40 Guild Seals. Not bad!