Shooting Range
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This quest is only available if you've purchased the Understone Quest Pack DLC via Xbox LIVE or Games for Windows LIVE. In order to initiate it, travel to the Mercenary Camp after defeating Saker. You'll see that it's been re-envisioned as a... well, a tourist trap, frankly, and the Mercenaries there are very eager for you to spend your money. So, why not head down the shooting range and try your hand at winning some prizes?

From the camp entrance, make your way through the centre and up past the gate; follow the sound of gunshots to the next gate on your left up the trail. Speak to Lemmy and he'll let you play for 20 gold per round. The targets are both stationary and moving, and vary in their point values and rarity. Headshots give extra points on the standard soldier target and the Logan target.
    •Soldier (common): worth 5 points, 10 for headshot
    •Logan (semi-rare): worth 15 points, 20 for headshot
    •Chicken (rare): worth 30 points, evil points when shot
    •Rabbit (unique): worth 40 points, evil points when shot
    •Teddy bear (unique): worth 50 points
    •Crow (3 total): worth 20 points, evil points when shot
The prizes available are as follows. If you're looking for a cheap way to get some items, it can actually be an advantage to shoot for a lower score.
    •0 to 249 points: Mercenary clothing item, random cheap gifts and gems
    •250-374 points: Random trade goods, makeup, or mid-range gifts and gems
    •375-450 points: Rare tattoos, facial hair, or high-level gifts and gems
    •450-494 points: Highwayman clothing items
    •495+ points: Gold, more points gives higher reward
In addition, there are two unique Legendary Weapons available: The Money Shot (375 points), a rifle which grants money when shooting enemies, and the Black Dragon (450 points), a very powerful pistol and cousin of the Red Dragon from Fable II.

As a few general tips, you'll want to prioritise your targets and go for the rare ones as soon as they appear, as they're limited, and essential to getting higher scores. Headshots are a must if you want to get the Black Dragon and other high-level prizes, so don't worry that it takes a little longer to aim, as the extra points are worth it. Finally, absolutely do not use shotgun-type weapons. Pistols are okay, but anything with a spread will make it nearly impossible to get headshots, and the benefit of taking out multiple targets with one shot isn't enough to outweigh its inaccuracies.

Though you'll get 5 Guild Seals for completing the shooting range, you can return and play it as many times as you like in the future.