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After quelling the riot in the quest The Traitor's Keep, you'll likely come across Lieutenant Hadley on your way back to the docks, who needs help in "handling" some prisoners who have broken out and are hiding away on the island. Your mission? Go forth and uncover them, then bring them to absolute justice. What's that? Rehabilitation? Never heard of it.

There are five groups of prisoners you need to deal with. Their locations are as follows:
    1. Head back past the main entrance to Ravenscar Keep and continue into the garden area. You'll find this first group of prisoners standing around in plain sight.
    2. From the first group, head through the hole in the large stone wall and continue through the small canyon. The prisoners are camped out at the end of it.
    3. Head back into the garden area and run across to the other wall opposite the one you just came through, and you'll find a hole leading to the coast. Run past the Demon Door and you'll stumble onto the group of prisoners just beyond some wreckage.
    4. Backtrack to the main entrance to the Keep's interior and take the path leading opposite it. You'll spot the gallows at the end, along with another band of escapees.
    5. From the fourth group, make your way back up towards the Keep, but take a right when you reach some ruins and make your way to the shore below. You'll find some former inmates standing near a ruined dock.
When all five groups have been "permanently interred," return to Hadley and he will reward you with a rather mediocre 5 Guild Seals, and access to the new quest Undeath Sentence.