Undeath Sentence
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To receive this quest, you'll first need to complete Manhunt for Lieutenant Hadley. Meet up with him near the docks and he'll explain that the overcrowding in the cemetary has led to... unrest, and will ask that you deal with an infestation of Hollow Men that has sprung up in the cemetary as a result. He'll hand you the Cemetary Key, so turn around and head to the gate opposite him and open it up.

This quest is very straightforward. Although technically you can kill the groups of Hollow Men in any order, the path itself is linear. Simply proceed forward and you'll find the first group of Hollow Men - dispose of them as you would any others. Continue up the stone staircase and you'll find a second, larger group of Hollow Men in the cemetary ahead. This group is larger but should pose little trouble. The final horde can be found in another clearing just beyond the second. The final horde is larger, but once again shouldn't be bigger than anything you've dealt with in the past.

Return to Lieutenant Hadley for another 5 Guild Seals as your reward. You'll also receive access to the Prison Management for Beginners quest, but only once you've finished the Traitor's Keep storyline as well. If you're trying to finish up all the optional content, be sure to continue with the final quest for Hadley, as it's the only way to get full access to the Keep.