Prison Management for Beginners
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After finishing up the main quest line for Traitor's Keep, there will be need for new management. With Milton out of the picture, Hadley has assumed control (provided you've helped him hunt down the last of the escaped prisoners and cleaned up the undead uprising). However, he knows next to nothing about actually running a prison, so he's going to need your help in tracking down some handbooks scattered around the Keep. All of them are located in previously inaccessible areas of the Keep, but Hadley will give you a master key that will open every door. Score!

Much like the rest of the Traitor's Keep Diaries, you won't get a quest marker or breadcrumb trail taking you to them. The Penologist's Handbooks can be quite hard to find, so here are their locations:
    1. Volume I: Upon receiving the quest, head back out into the cell area and open up General Turner's cell. The book is on his desk in plain sight.
    2. Volume II: From the entrance of the Keep, go into the cell block on the left and climb up the stairs. You'll find one cell you can unlock that hides a concealed escape route. Follow it through to the end (there are some notes along the way that detail the escape attempt), and you'll end up in the sewers. Take the path right, and you'll find the second book through a door.
    3. Volume III: Take the "secret" passage out of the records room and head down into the boiler room. There's a locked door on the left as you come in; the handbook can be found on the table inside.
    4. Volume IV: From the front entrance of the Keep's interior, do a 180 and head towards the gallows, but follow the path to the left instead. Down on the beach, you'll find a gate headed up to a cave; unlock it, and you'll find the handbook resting on a bedroll.
    5. Volume V: Down at the docks where you first visited Ravenscar Keep, climb up the stairs, but turn right into the cemetary. Follow the path inside and you should find a locked gate with a crypt inside; open the crypt's door and snatch the handbook from the table.
Once you've retrieved all five Penologist's Handbooks, return to Hadley and he'll thank you for your help. You'll then be asked on how you'd like Ravenscar Keep to be run from now on: you can either keep things as they always have been, you can release political prisoners for good karma and a reputation boost with Albion's citizens, or you can choose to imprison dissenters for evil points and a reputation hit. There doesn't seem to be any tangible effect on the game world or its people, however.
For finishing the quest, an almost insultingly paltry 5 Guild Seals will be yours, along with the Keeping it Real achievement.