Heroes and Villains
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Your quest to track down Albion's most dangerous criminals is almost at an end. With both Faraday and Godwin behind bars, or dead, you've only General Turner left to uncover. Proceed into the records room to speak to Hobson and Commander Milton to contemplate your next course of action.

When you arrive you'll find Commander Milton on the floor and no sign of Hobson. After he gets up, he'll explain that Turner has been here in Ravenscar Keep all along, using hidden passageways inside the Keep to get around. He attacked Milton and stole away with Hobson. Time to take chase! Head down through the new passageway and you'll find yourself in a small storage room. Grab the diary for another entry of General Turner's, loot the chest, and dig up the dig spot, then continue forward into the next hallway.

You'll find yourself in The Pit once again. Proceed down the left hallway and Turner will open the gates to the cells, and the Keep's most insane inmates will pour out to attack you. They aren't actually much tougher than the regular inmates you've been fighting, but they'll attack in three rather large waves, so hold off against them and eventually you'll finish them off. During the fighting, Milton will be injured and ask you to go on, so follow the path forward. You'll find Hobson sitting in one of the chairs in the torture chamber from earlier; run up and free him.

As you do, however, Commander Milton will sneak up behind and flip a switch, giving you a massive electric shock and throwing you through the air. You'll fall unconscious, and wake up (in first-person perspective) strapped to the chair next to Hobson's. It seems that all along, Milton idolised Turner, but Turner died six months ago (and presumably Milton removed all records of his death). Milton holds the same revolutionary ideals, and wants to see an Albion free of its monarchy. He'll flip a switch on the machine and, using Mary Godwin's knowledge combined with Faraday's technology, use the machine to extract your own Heroic essence. Clever bastard. He'll drink from the beaker, and he won't just become a Hero - he'll become you.

Once you've broken free of your bonds in appropriately dramatic fashion, you'll engage in a lengthy fight sequence against your doppelganger. Milton has an identical appearance and voice to you, but is limited to some standard weaponry (a sword, pistol and fire magic). He's also opposite your alignment - if you're a tyrant, he'll dream of an Albion freed from oppression, while if you're a benevolent ruler, he'll want to make up for your "soft" rule and take over himself. His attacks can be extremely fast, and he will use all of your abilities to his advantage, but he doesn't have your potions, so summoning some creatures or slowing time can be a big help. This fight, much like the assassin fight during Throne of Blood, isn't so much difficult as it is lengthy - you'll likely use quite a few Health Potions just surviving his speech. Once it's over with, though, he'll go down relatively quickly.

Commander Milton, dying, will give you some final words about the people rising up to fight against the oppression of the crown. Fantasies of a madman, or genuine prediction? Only the future will tell. You'll soon find yourself back near the records room in the Keep, and Hobson will rightly praise you for a job well done. Congratulations, you've finished the main story arc of Traitor's Keep, and quelled a diabolical plot to take over the kingdom! Oh, and 50 Guild Seals, as if those still really mattered.

What now? Well, a number of new side-quests are open to you, across all three of the islands you visited in your adventure, you can search for the missing Traitor's Keep Diaries, and there's still some treasure left to find in the form of the final Demon Door and some new clothing sets. Please see the Traitor's Keep Extras page for details on how to finish up the remaining content.