Like Clockwork
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You'll start this quest by leaving Ravenscar Keep with Commander Milton; find him at the docks where you first arrived at the Keep. Your travels will take you to Clockwork Island, home of Professor Faraday, the genius behind Albion's industrial revolution, as well as a factory and a sort of "world of tomorrow" he created to demonstrate the wonders of his technology. Exciting times indeed!

Arrival at Clockwork Island goes more or less without a hitch, although the place is in ruins when you arrive. Proceed up the steps, taking the time to marvel at some of the wrecked tourist attractions if you wish, then make your way to the front gate. You'll be greeted by a robot, Huxley, who, aside from being a fairly obvious reference, also appears to be the same "Colin" robot you may have fought when visiting Understone. In any case, he'll greet you, apparently still not realising that the factory and tourist trap have long since closed down, and will lead you through an idyllic scene.

If you want, you can take your time to poke around and see the sights; otherwise you can either wait for Huxley to reach the front gate, or alternately you can just run right up to it. Using the gate will trigger an alarm, and the gate will become electrified. It seems Faraday knows you're here, and wishes to stop you at all costs for... some reason. Well! He'll activate the security protocols on the robots and you'll have to fight a new enemy, the Colin Mk 2. These guys are surprisingly tough, and while not as strong as the original Colin, you'll have to fight quite a few instead of just one. They have a variety of attacks, including a lightning-quick dash to close distance, a spinning area of effect attack, and simple punches. Fortunately, they're rather slow, so use that to your advantage.

When all the robots have been reduced to nuts and bolts, double back from the gate and explore a side passage between some houses for a boarded-up spot. Smash through it and make your way forward, exploring the ruins on the left for a treasure chest. Hop down from the ledge and you'll find yourself on some catwalks above a ruined factory. You'll find a Traitor's Keep Diary on the small crate immediately in front of you. Grab it, then vault down some more. Check the dig site if you wish, then exit into the canal.

You'll find a new type of enemy up ahead: robotic beetles. Lovely! These guys are a minor threat at best, but you'll have to fight off a good number of them. Like the Colin Mk 2, they have the dash ability, but they're fairly week and one flourish attack should be enough to break them to bits. When they're done, check near the boat ahead for a dig site, then double back and climb the stairs into the ruined factory. Inside, you'll see some disabled robots, and Faraday will taunt you. It seems that King Logan wanted to use Faraday's creations to create an army, and Faraday was locked up in Ravenscar Keep as a result of his refusal, and now he thinks you're after the same thing. Poor guy.

Proceed onward and you'll be on the other side of the canal. Head to the very end, with the collapsed tunnel in the distance, and you'll encounter a third new type of enemy: exploding robo-dogs. Yep. Faraday has reprogrammed them to explode on contact, so you'll preferably use a ranged weapon to take them out before they can get near. Waves of them will teleport in, and while they're not too tough unless they manage to explode right in your face, be aware that some will appear behind you as well as in front, so don't let them sneak up. When the dogs are disposed of, check the factory to the right of the collapsed tunnel for a couple of dig spots, as well as a stairway up to a second level with an electrified gate - you'll need to remember this location for a later quest.

Run back out into the canal and take the stairs up to the left this time, into another ruined factory. This time you'll have to fight a mix of all the enemies you've faced before. Even in conjunction, they shouldn't pose a huge challenge, but the beetles in particular can interrupt your attacks quite easily, so be on guard. Once the fighting's done, check near the back of the factory behind a wall for the second entry in Faraday's Diary, as well as a dig spot nearby.

Climb up the stairs and hop across the catwalks, and you'll find yourself on one of the factories' roofs. There's the third entry in Faraday's Diary resting on a crate nearby, as well as a large generator. While you don't have to pull the switch, you'd might as well if you plan to return later, as you'll need to disable this generator to get past the electrified gate mentioned earlier. Head forward into the factory and you'll find some disabled Colin Mk 2s which gradually activate and attack; some robo-dogs and robo-beetles will also appear during the fight to complicate matters. Fortunately, it's the last you'll see of them for now.

Once they're all dead, head out the exit to the right and you'll see a staircase leading up to the main factory and generator area (which is just beyond the gate you were blocked off at during your visit to the Street of the Future). Grab the fourth entry in Faraday's Diary on the crate, then climb the stairs to the gate and open it up. There's a Health Potion in the chest nearby, if you need it.

When you step forward, a cutscene will begin. Just as it seems like he may have got away, Faraday will emerge from a vault door, clad in full robotic armour, when Milton's back is turned. Milton will be knocked out, and you'll have to fight Faraday alone. He's similar to the Colin Mk 2 robots you've been fighting all along, although he's a good deal faster and has some different attacks - namely, a ranged fireball strike, a flying ground stomp that deals area-of-effect damage, and some rather quick punches. He can also use the teleport-dash more frequently, and can use it from a greater distance away. During the fight, he'll summon in a few regular enemies, working his way up from robo-beetles to Colin Mk 2s. Whether you want to focus on him or his minions is up to you, but you don't have to kill everything to finish the fight, only Faraday.

Once you've defeated Faraday, his helmet will fall off and his head will be exposed. Exhausted, the old man will ask that you just shoot him, as he doesn't wish to see his creations fall into the wrong hands. You'll be given a choice to either spare him and bring him back to Ravenscar Keep to be treated, or to kill him for his "betrayal."

Whatever you choose, you'll be teleported back to the Keep. Commander Milton will ask to see you in the study to continue with the main story, and you'll receive 50 Guilt Seals for your efforts. Now that's more like it! It's time to hunt down the second escapee, Mary Godwin.