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So, you've just played through Traitor's Keep, managed to expose the titular traitor, and finished up all the side quests, but can't help but feeling you're still missing something? That's what this "extras" page is for - to provide a bit of information on all the remaining bits and pieces in Traitor's Keep that don't quite fit into the rest of the walkthrough. Suffice ito say, a spoiler alert applies to much of the content below.

Demon Door

A new Demon Door has been added for Traitor's Keep, located in Ravenscar Keep. To reach it, head into the garden in the rear of the Keep and head through a broken wall section down to the shore. In order to get into the Demon Door, you'll have to obtain the entire Prisoner Suit outfit. For more details, please see the Demon Doors page. If you've opened all the previous Demon Doors, opening this last one will net you a new achievement, Set Them Free! Clothing Sets

Traitor's Keep comes with a few new sets of clothing for you to parade around Albion in, and one of them, the Prisoner Suit, is necessary to open the Demon Door mentioned above. The locations of the clothes are as follows:
    Prisoner Suit (Ravenscar Keep)

    1. Prisoner Boots: you'll find these near the gallows of Ravenscar Keep. Follow the path opposite the main entrance and look through the collapsed fence behind the platform.
    2. Prisoner Shackles: follow the bridge to the garden behind the Keep, and then through the hole in the wall down to the shore. Before you reach the Demon Door, vault down the cliff ledge on your right; you should see the chest below.
    3. Prisoner Trousers: from the docks, make your way up the stairs and to the right, following the gate through to the cemetery. Battle your way past Hollow Men to the very end, where you'll find this clothing item in a chest next to some tombstones. You'll have to have started the quest Undeath Sentence before you're allowed access to the cemetery.
    4. Prisoner Bandana: in the garden behind Ravenscar Keep, search among some rocks to find this fine piece of headwear.
    5. Prisoner Top: inside Ravenscar Keep itself, head into the left wing upon entering isnide; you'll find this chest in the second cell on your left as you come in. Note that you'll need to have at least begun the Prison Management for Beginners quest before you're able to open the cell door.

    Prostitute Outfit (Clockwork Island)

    1. Prostitute Boots: smash through the barrier on the left side of the Street of the Future and you'll find this boot-containing chest within the ruins of a building, before jumping down into the canal.
    2. Prostitute Stockings: make your way to the roofs of Faraday's factories (it's the one with a crane and generator on top, along with Farday's Diary Entry III), and follow the catwalk path around the building, then vault down to a lower platform to find the Prostitute Stockings in a chest.
    3. Prostitute Gloves: once you've dealt with Faraday, return to Clockwork Island and follow the main gate out of the Street of the Future, cross the bridge, and then make a sharp left when you get to the end of it to find this chest.
    4. Prostitute Bustier: the last piece of the Prostitute Outfit can only be found after dealing with Faraday. Enter the newly-opened alleyway with the final generator in it (check the Reconstruction page for details), and you'll see the chest immediately on your right as you come in.

    Sand Fury Outfit (Godwin Estate)

    1. Sand Fury Hood: head up to the front garden of the Godwin Estate and, once you get to the electrified gate, take a left and follow the path into the cemetery. You'll find a treasure chest immediately upon entering containing the Sand Fury Hood.
    2. Sand Fury Trousers: past the location where you fought the ethereal Hollow Men for the first time, follow the path through the cemetery; you'll find an open crypt on the right side of the path with a chest inside.
    3. Sand Fury Top: from the generator you disable with Milton to gain access to the estate proper, head across the bridge and through the gate; you'll re-enter the garden and find the treasure chest behind a fountain.
    4. Sand Fury Gloves: enter the Godwin Estate's basement via the cave past the garden, follow the path, and you'll find these gloves in the wine cellar, behind some large barrels.
    5. Sand Fury Boots: make your way through the mansion towards Mary's laboratory; right before reaching it, you'll come across a boarded-up wall. Smash through it and take the door on the left to a small room containing the final Sand Fury clothing piece.
Mary Godwin's Secret Key

Once you've finished the main story and have been given full access to Ravenscar Keep during Prison Management for Beginners, search the nightstand in Mary's cell for a key. Return to the Godwin Estate and head to the garden; you'll find the gate just before reaching the path up to the mansion. Inside you'll find a couple exhibits featuring some "rare" creatures, and a chest containing a... erm, well, a Condom, a Box of Crabs and some Torture Stocks. Maybe that was one detail about Mary we didn't need to know...

East Hare Egg

You may have heard about the famed East Hare Egg in Fable III... well, you can find yet another one in Traitor's Keep. You may have noticed a few skulls around the Keep's interior; if you shoot them, they'll disappear in a flash of light. In order to find the East Hare Egg, you'll need to find and shoot every last one of them. Make sure you've got full access to the Keep before searching them out, by beginning the Prison Management for Beginners quest. There are eight skulls in total:
    1. Check the floor of the kitchen next to the stoves for the first skull.
    2. You'll find the second skull in the infirmary, on a shelf.
    3. Coming out of The Pit, you'll find the third skull sitting on a coffin in the morgue.
    4. After you've opened up the secret passage in the records room, follow it down and you'll find this skull sitting on a crate.
    5. You'll find another skull in the guards' quarters on the second floor, sitting on a shelf.
    6. Search the cells inside The Pit for one more skull to shoot.
    7. The seventh skull is in one of the second-floor cells, in the left-hand wing upon entering the Keep.
    8. The final skull can be found within a prisoner escape route you may have tracked down earlier. To find it, search one of the second-floor cells in the left-hand cell block and follow the path through the walls, then vault down. The skull is sitting on a crate just before the path opens into the sewers.
Once you've blasted every last skull, head into The Pit and you'll find that the skulls have placed themselves outside one of the cell doors, near the sewer entrance. Open the door and you'll find your brand new East Hare Egg, and an account of the prisoner who was driven mad by its presence in his cell.

Clockwork Island's Secret Door

This is it - the ultimate secret of Fable III, although perhaps not the hardest to obtain. In order to reach it, you'll need to have got both East Hare Eggs: the one from Millfields, and the one from Ravenscar Keep. Visit Clockwork Island, and from the docks, travel around to the left side until you come across a small wooden pier that lets you into the water. Swim to the left and you'll discover a cave.

You'll notice a door along with two pedestals. What goes there? You guessed it - both of the East Hare Eggs you previously collected. Place them just so, and the door will slide open without a hitch. Follow the tunnel, and you'll come across a... well, you'll have to see it for yourself, won't you?

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