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You'll only receive this quest after turning in Professor Faraday; you don't need to complete the entire Traitor's Keep story to begin it. Return to Clockwork Island and you'll find Huxley at the entrance to the Street of the Future. It seems that the poor guy is the only one of his kind, as he's not equipped "Murderous Mode" like the other 'bots. How sad. How about we build him a companion to spend his days with?

This is another fetch quest that will take you through most of Clockwork Island, but fortunately it's rather quick to finish if you know where to look for the components. The big thing in question is an electrified gate in one of the factories, which not only hides two of the components needed for Huxley's friend, but the final diary entry of Professor Faraday, and a treasure chest. In order to get through the gate, you'll need to disable three generators across the island. Their locations are:
    1. On the roof of one of the factories. From the canal, climb up the stairs in the factory to the left of the blocked tunnel, and make your way across the catwalks. You'll find this generator flickering away in plain sight, and likely disabled it on your way to meet Faraday during Like Clockwork.
    2. The second generator can be found in a fenced-off area where you fought Faraday during the previous quest here. To reach it, head through the Street of the Future and past the formerly electrified gate at the end, then follow the lengthy bridge across. Open the gate next to the treasure chest and you'll find the generator with ease.
    3. The final generator is in a brand new area only accessible after you've completed the prior quest. From the first canal area, you'll pass through a factory and into a small clearing with a dig spot. A door in the corner will have opened, allowing you access to a small alleyway; you'll find the generator down the left-hand path guarded by a few minor enemies.
Now that that's out of the way, on to the actual components for Huxley:
    1. Left Arm Component: easily found in the ruined factory area you jump down to from the alleyway in the Street of the Future, at the very start of the canal.
    2. Right Arm Component: next to a pile of junk near the third power generator, as described above.
    3. Left Leg Component: in the same alleyway as the third power generator, but take the right-hand path instead, down the short staircase.
    4. Right Leg Component: search in the plaza where you fought Faraday for this one.
    5. Torso Component: after disabling all the generators, head to the end of the canal and turn into the right factory ruin, then climb up the stairs to the catwalk above to find this component inside the gate, sitting on a table.
    6. Head Component: located behind the electrified gate along with the Torso Component, sitting on the floor next to a cupboard.
Once you've retrieved all of them, head back to Huxley and he'll build himself a new friend! Hooray! Only... uh oh, it seems that his friend, is, in fact, a perfect duplicate of himself. Well, I suppose it could be worse. Let the two robo-buddies get acquainted and you'll receive 5 Guild Seals for your efforts, along with the I, Robot. You, Idiot achievement.