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With Flickering Heart

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This quest can only be obtained after completing The War Council. The quest deals with a succubus who apparently kills young men while she fulfills their pleasures. It is also worth of note that you can't complete this quest after Royal Blood, so do this one first.


Ele'yas is the elf that gives this quest. He can be found in front of the tavern (#1). Once you talk to him, you'll learn that a succubus is killing men and various bodies have appeared in the burned village (#2). The quest can then be pursued in several ways.

You can either go to the village (#2) during the night, and you'll encounter a few wraiths and scent of sulfur. Geralt will conclude that a succubus has been to this area, but nothing more will come out of it. Next thing to do is to head to the catacombs in the far north (#4) but before doing that, visit Felicia Cori at #3 and buy surgical tools for proper examination of bodies. You can pair this step with the quest Death Symbolized.

When you examine the body (#5), check the arms and you'll notice a metal piece inside the ripped bone. Carefully extract the metal scrap (with the use of surgical tools) and also be sure to check his back. You'll find Dandelion's poetry sketchbook.

Head to Dandelion at #1. He can be found inside the tavern. He'll say that those are his love poems he lost not too long ago and he's glad to have them back. On the other hand, he'll have to repay you with something and you'll suggest a poem to lure the succubus. You'll agree to wait for him around midnight at the burned village (#2).

Once you're over there, you'll tell him the whole truth and he'll agree nevertheless. In the next few scenes, you'll be playing Dandelion and the first task that you have to do is compose a song. There are several options with only one being the right one so here's the song's text:

If our bodies could a song compose,
My heart would enquire of your hands pale and fine.
If they’d grasp it gently, to hold like a rose,
Or treat is as a morsel upon which to dine.

At this point, you'll hear the voice of succubus calling you, and you can either enter the trapdoor or call for Geralt. If you choose the first option, Geralt will conjure up a funny comment and Dandelion will experience the pleasures of being with a succubus, while in the other option you'll deny him the pleasure and Geralt will send him back to the tavern.

Anyway once you enter the trapdoor, you'll soon notice a succubus in a small room. Talking to her reveals that she doesn't have use for corpses and as such doesn't kill men as she needs their vital energy to sustain herself. The real culprit is Ele'yas, in fact. You can also decide to kill her right away, and you'll get 200 experience points from Ele'yas (#1) and a steel sword called Angivare, which deals 24-30 damage and has chances to stun and poison the enemy.

In the other option, Ele'yas (#1) will defend himself and you have to make a choice: side with him or with the succubus. If you side with him, then go back to the lair (#2) and slay the succubus. In return, you'll get the same reward.

If you decide to accuse him of his crimes with the scrap metal found in the catacombs, go to Iorveth (#6) and report Ele'yas' crimes. He's either by the gate to the district or inside one of the houses. Give him the metal piece and he'll compare it to Ele'yas' blades. It turns out that they match, but Ele'yas has fled the city, most likely never to return again. Head back to succubus to get your reward (#2).

On your way there, you'll meet Ele'yas who'll immediately be hostile and attack you. Simply kill him and then head down to the lair. You can opt to have sex with her or not. Either way you'll receive 200 experience points and the chest nearby contains 10 orens, rook potion and Thyssen's armor. Quest complete.

1 - Ele'yas (in front of the tavern), Dandelion (inside the tavern)

2 - Burned village, succubus' lair

3 - Felicia Cori

4 - Dwarven catacombs

5 - Victim's body

6 - Iorveth






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