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Where is Triss Merigold?

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Before leaving you in the dirt, Letho will mention how he'll use Triss to teleport away from Flotsam. Geralt's worried about her safety and immediately decides to head over to town.


You'll start out at #1, and either Iorveth or Roche will approach you, depending if you gave the sword to Iorveth during The Assassins of Kings, or helped out Roche to capture him. If it's Iorveth, he'll say that he can't follow you into the city due to his obvious status. On the other hand, Roche can accompany you in your search for Triss. You can also loot Letho's bombs and your steel sword nearby.

If you helped Iorveth

Once you're at #2, guards will either let you in without problems or you'll have to persuade them, depending upon the final choice made during Indecent Proposal. The same goes for all other guard posts.

Town, as you can see, is caught by a non-human massacre. Fire rages all over the place while dwarves and elves run for their lives. You can interrupt the local mobs (#3) who're obliterating the non-humans by using Axii during a dialog with them or fighting them. Then move to the tavern (#4).

Inside the tavern, you'll see Dandelion defending two elven ladies from a band of humans. You can join forces with Dandelion and either fight the thugs or use intimidation or Axii. After they're gone, you can learn a few more details from Dandelion about the riot and a lead on Triss.

Once you exit the inn, you'll spot three dwarves at #5. They'll be pleading for help, and you have nothing to lose from that, so go ahead (you may meet them in Act II where they'll properly thank you). After you deal with this situation (or ignore it), head over to the upper floor into Sile's room. There'll be a lot of blood and you'll see Margot through a peephole. She's your next lead as she might have seen something.

Talking to Margot reveals details from the recent past. Triss and Cedric came over to Sile's room to see who has she talked with (it was Philippa, as Margot says). She'll also mention that her prostitute Derae was killed in the turmoil. During the next few scenes, you'll take control of Triss and talk with Philippa Eilheart through the megascope (that weird-looking magic device).

Triss obviously tried to discover the real reason why Sile came to Flotsam, so her first destination was her room. During your conversation with Philippa, you can inquire her about several topics, mainly about Sile and what the Lodge of Sorceresses plans after regicides, but you won't be able to ask all the questions, as there won't be enough time, so pick what interests you the most. You'll also get 100 experience points.

After that cutscene, you're off to search for Cedric, by following his blood trails. Use a potion called Cat to help you. Once imbibed, it gives you vision similar to infra-red, making blood easily distinguishable.

Cedric is located near the waterfall at #7. Cedric will be able to recite you recent events from his perspective. He was asked for help by Triss, and he killed Sile's bodyguard. After that, Letho entered the room, severely wounded Cedric and teleported himself with Triss away from Flotsam, to Aedirn near the dwarven city of Vergen. Cedric will also be able to tell you how to restore further parts of your memory. You'll have to visit Aedirn, where Act II takes place.

As he dies, Dandelion and Zoltan will approach you, saying that both Roche and Scoia'tael are planning something big. You'll get 900 experience points for completing this quest.

You'll also receive two quests: At a Crossroads: Scoia'tael and At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche. Be mindful that choosing one of these sides fully affect how Act II plays out for you. You can, of course, first hear out their plans and then choose a side. More on those quests on their pages.

If you helped Roche

Follow Roche all the way to the city (#2). Loredo will instantly greet you there, worshipping your and Roche's deed. A great feast (#3) was prepared due to Iorveth getting captured. Neither of you will be particularly happy and you can either take a sip of some drink or rush to the tavern to find Triss.

Dandelion will be waiting inside the tavern (#4). He's telling stories about your deeds to the townsfolk and will also offer you a drink, which you can either take or refuse. Mentioning that Triss is in danger will prod him to go with you to Sile's quarters on the upper level of the tavern.

Inside Sile's room you'll find a lot of blood, a dead bodyguard and a peephole on the right wall. Dandelion will then express his genius intelligence, stating that someone else must have been in the room for all this blood to be present. Checking to see who's behind the peephole will reveal a prostitude by the name Derae. Your next lead is over there.

Derae will mention that she was spending time with Margot when they heard strange noises in the next room. Using the peephole, they saw Triss and Cedric in Sile's room. Triss was interested in who was Sile speaking to through the megascope and who has she really come to Flotsam.

In the next few scenes, you'll take control over Triss and talk to Dethmold (King Henselt's wizard) through the megascope. You can ask him several questions about Sile's plans, Henselt's plans and his general stance on the regicide and the kingslayers.

Derae will also tell you that Margot's been absent ever since she went to her room and that Cedric staggered off to a general direction of the forest. This triggers the side quest Margot's Disappearance, which is rather short, so you could do it while you're here. After talking to Derae, you'll also get 100 experience points.

Next step is to find Cedric, who seems to fairly wounded, with all the blood that dripped around. Use a potion called Cat, which enables infra-red vision and you can spot blood on the ground very easily. Cedric's easing his pain at #7. On your way to that place, you'll be attacked a Scoia'tael warriors at #6 because of what you did to Iorveth.

Once you reach Cedric (#7), he'll tell you what happened as he was in the middle of the event. Triss asked him for help to break into Sile's room and find out what's she planning. Cedric broke bodyguard's neck, while Triss used the megascope. After a while, a witcher came in and Cedric was simply no match for him. He then forced the sorceress to teleport them to Aedirn near Vergen and that's the last trace Cedric has of them. He'll also tell you about his visions, your returning memories and that you should go to Aedirn if you're to recover more fragments of your past.

When he dies in your hands, Dandelion and Zoltan will come looking for you, saying that Roche and the Scoia'tael are planning to do something about the current state of Flotsam. This triggers the quests At a Crossroads: Vernon Roche and At a Crossroads: Scoia'tael, which are mutually exclusive.

The quest Where is Triss Merigold? is completed at this point, and will be continued in further acts. You receive 900 experience points.

1 - Elven ruins, Letho

2 - Town gate

3 - Racist citizens or a great feast

4 - Tavern, Dandelion, Margot or Derae

5 - Dwarves in trouble

6 - Scoia'tael ambush

7 - Cedric






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