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Bring It On: Kaedweni Camp

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This quest is related to the arm wrestling mini-game, and is similar in execution from the first act. You'll receive it during the quest Prelude to War: Kaedwen while touring the camp with Zyvik. Just as Bartholomew Bargee said, one of the strongest men he met is Adam Pangratt, who is the toughest opponent during this quest.


Adam Pangratt can be found at #1. You can talk to him about several topics, which beside arm wrestling, include the battle of Brenna, his payment and you can even mentioned knowing White Rayla (from the first game). As far as arm wrestling goes, before having a chance with him, you'll have to beat the other contenders.

The people that you have to arm wrestle first are Martin, Randal and Magnus. Martin and Randal are standing by the campfire at #2, while Magnus (who is also a tougher opponent) is most likely working in the smithy at #3. You can beat them in any order.

You could start with Martin. Bets with him go between 10 and 20 orens and once you beat him you'll receive 25 experience points. Randal is very similar to Martin in terms of arm wrestling as he also has a betting range of 10 to 20 orens and winning him grants 25 experience points. Magnus over at the anvils (#3), however, is a tougher opponent and wrestling with him requires at least 20 to 30 orens bet. Winning him also grants you 25 experience points and opens up Adam Pangratt for arm wrestling.

Head back to Adam (#1) and tell him you're ready this time. His bet starts at 50 and goes upwards to 100 orens. Once you win the match, you'll get 50 experience points and Adam will be able to tell you about Numa, a circus artist who is also apparently an extraordinary arm wrestler. This quest is completed and you'll meet Numa in Act III.

1 - Adam Pangratt

2 - Martin & Randal

3 - Magnus






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