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The War Council

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After completing Prelude to War: Aedirn, you'll unlock this quest. In one of the previous scenes, Saskia has called the meeting in the town halls and requested your presence along with the other nobilities and important citizens (including Philippa and Iorveth). First things first though, Skalen is tasked to show you the area.


From your starting position in Vergen (#1), follow Skalen to the tavern (#2). Once you enter the tavern, follow him further to the upper floor, that's where your room is. Apparently, Seltkirk of Gulet, one of the soldier commanders who died in the battle of Lormark, three years ago (that's the battle which was recreated by Henselt's curse, this time with ghosts instead of humans).

After you're shown your room, you can head to the town hall and attend the meeting. The entrance to it is located at #3. Follow the tunnels and eventually you should reach the room in which Saskia holds the meeting. Philippa will talk about the blood curse, and the bad and good sides of it for the fate of Vergen. It has effectively halted Henselt's advancement towards Vergen, giving the city more time to prepare. The bad side is that it can expand, so it's advisable to lift the curse. This is a matter for you and Philippa.

The next topic is the battle of Vergen that's about to take place. Saskia will recount the numbers and invite Iorveth to join the meeting. Everyone will object at first, but after realizing that it's for the best, they'll accept his Scoia'tael archers. In the end, when she proposes a toast, she'll black out, as her wine was poisoned. Philippa will react quickly and take Saskia to her house (#4), where she'll give her necessary magical treatment, but curing her will require much more.

Therefore, she tasks you to bring her a special herb immortelle, royal blood, a rose of remembrance and a magical crystal. You'll also discuss possible locations of the ingredients needed to cure Saskia. Also, the topic of the ongoing curse will be discussed. After that lengthy conversation, you'll receive new quests A Matter of Life and Death, Where is Triss Merigold?, Subterranean Life, Hunting Magic, Royal Blood and The Eternal Battle.

This quest is also concluded and you'll earn 500 experience points.

1 - Vergen

2 - Tavern

3 - Town hall

4 - Saskia's house






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