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Tension between the Scoia'tael and the Temerian guards in Flotsam seems to be higher than ever. As such, an elven woman named Malena (#1) is accused of spying for Scoia'tael and giving away soldiers' patrol routes.


This quest can be started once you find a group of soldiers who have circled Malena over at #1, in front of the witch's house. She'll claim she's innocent in the matter, saying that the guards went off towards the cave at #2. Guards will be unyielding as well, accusing her that two men were last seen alive with her and then they disappeared. You're presented with a choice: refuse to deal in the local quarrels which will result in automatic failure of the quest Malena, or investigate the murders.

Investigating the murders starts off at #2. Enter the cave and follow the main path until the end. There will be a lot of nekkers in the way. You'll stumble upon bodies and blood on the way, culminating with a pair of Temerian soldiers (#3) shot by Scoia'tael arrows. Get out of the cave the same way you came from as the other exit is locked.

Once you're back on the surface, you're once again going to choose: you can conclude that the the soldiers were killed by the elves or you can say that the monsters attacked them.

Choosing the first option will upset Malena and she'll say she can explain everything if you follow her to #4. You can either accept that or refuse. It's just a desperate attempt though, as she was just trying to drag you into another Scoia'tael ambush. You can then deal with them and get your reward according to how many Temerians made it alive from the ambush (20 to 100 orens, at least one or all five guards). Either way, you're paid and Malena will then be taken to Loredo, and presumably, the gallows. This way grants 125 experience points.

In the other option, in which you save her from the soldiers, she'll say that she'd like to get to know you better and that you should wait her by the waterfall at #5. Unfortunately for you, she led you into a trap, knowing that you found out the real truth. Only corpses keep their secrets, so you should get ready to fight the Scoia'tael unit.

You'll find Malena at #6. She used the element of surprise to escape to the ruins of the abandoned asylum, in between a ruined wall and a tree. Once you find her, you can either take her to Loredo, kill her yourself or just let her go. In the end, you also receive 125 experience points (plus 50 orens from the Temerian soldiers before at #2).

1 - Start of the quest

2 - Cave entrance

3 - Dead Temerian soldiers

4 - Scoia'tael ambush

5 - Scoia'tael ambush

6 - Ruins of the asylum






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