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In Cervisia Veritas

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This quest opens up from either of the drunk soldiers around the camp after you talk to Dethmold about Conspiracy Theory. It's about finding their drinking buddy Odrin, who seems to be missing from the camp. The title literally translates to "In beer, truth".


Talk to either of the soldiers who are screaming "Odriiin?" around the camp (#1). As drunk as they are. they won't be able to tell you anything about Odrin's whereabouts. The only thing you'll get out of them is that drinking with Odrin is a treat.

The man you're looking for is located in front of a cave at #2. He's dead drunk and covered in mud. He'll mumble something about square fish (an allusion to the square coins for the Conspiracy Theory). Help him get back to the camp by carrying him.

The guards at the gate (#3) will immediately notice something's not right. You can either talk your way through, saying that he's your prisoner or a witness. The safest thing to do would be to bribe the guard with 30 orens. As the witness option upsets the guard and he has to make a report, making the quest fail. The prisoner choice will make Odrin angry.

Either way, once you get in, carry Odrin around to all the other drunk soldiers (#1). Once you've gathered all of them, head over to the cantina (#4). On the way to there though, Odrin will stumble and you'll have to pick him up again.

All of this was a preparation to get some info on the conspirators and the square coins. You'll have to choose your options carefully. If you reveal your intentions very openly, they'll get too suspicious and you'll fail the quest. Therefore pick something along the lines of that everyone's afraid of Henselt, and that ant's should send a hunter. After a doubtful response, you can relax the boys with the reply that you'd just like to know who you're drinking with. In the end you'll get a coin and a password for the next step in Conspiracy Theory. This quest is then marked as complete.

1 - Drunk Soldiers

2 - Odrin

3 - Gate Guard

4 - Cantina






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