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The Rotfiend Contract

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This quest is received from the notice board, just like all the other contracts in the game. The local rotfiend swarm is approaching the camp very aggressively and as such, you're required to burn their food source, corpses.


Check the notice board in front of the cantina to acquire the contract (#1). Just as it says, you should torch the bodies of the deceased around the camp to starve the rotfiends to death.

In case you do not have knowledge on rotfiends (and you should!) visit Sambor over at the brothel camp (#2). He's bound to have a copy of The Horrors of War: Rotfiends. It will up your knowledge of rotfiends up to 3/3 and set you for the next objective, to torch the corpses.

There are three primary sources of dead bodies, each consisting of three corpses. The ravine over at #3 has easily discernable three bodies, which you just torch with the left click. Two other heaps are slightly more spread out and they are marked with #4 and #5. At each of them, you'll also encounter two to four rotfiends. When fighting them, make sure that you jump away from their exploding bodies, or you'll be induced with poison.

Once that's done, head back to the camp and visit Proximo. He either standing at the arena (#6) or the campfire nearby (#7). Check both places and get your reward, which would be 100 experience points and 200 orens.

1 - Notice board

2 - Sambor

3 - Three bodies in the ravine

4 - Caravan with three bodies

5 - Three more bodies

6 - Proximo (at the campfire)

7 - Proximo (at the arena ring)






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