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Mystic River

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Last quest in the series, this time around it provides the best armor to be found in the game, for both mage and swordsman witchers alike.


As you explore Loc Muinne, enter the sewers through an entrance located at #1. To reach the hidden chests at #2, you'll also have to fight a pair of bullvores. Trap them with Yrden and hack away.

Among all the items to be looted, the most prominent one is Diagram: Armor of Ys, along with the money and a few crafting materials. Hidden away in the bushes though is the chest related directly to the quest. It contains the best armor for mages Armor of Ysgith, along with a pattern how to make the best swordfighter's armor Vran Armor. It also contains some minor items like Deireadh, fire rune and studded leather. Looting that chest initiates the quest Mystic River.

Next step is to find a proper blacksmith who can craft the gear. The right person for this task is Bras of Ban Ard, who is both a skilled mage and a smith. Provide the right materials (4x Studded Leather can be crafted with a diagram, check the other merchants, Lockhart should have it (#4) and all the other materials are very common, with the Armor of Ysgith and Vran Armor Enhancement being other loots from the chest at #2, besides the diagram for Vran's armor. Crafter's fee for this one is 2000 orens.

The final result is Vran Armor. Stick in three +2 armor enhancements (such as Diamond Armor Enhancement) and it will have up to +36 armor. The quest is also completed.

1 - Sewer entrance

2 - Chest related to the quest

3 - Bras of Ban Ard

4 - Incredible Lockhart






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