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The Prologue Story Part 2

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This part of the prologue starts by choosing the second dialog option "The assault".

After reaching our destination with the siege tower, the battle starts with the defenders. Get yourself familiar with the combat system and feel free to use all available signs.


You'll start out right from the siege tower (#1) that has just landed on the enemy walls. After defeating all the opponents at #2, you'll learn about Aryan La Valette (he's the eldest son of Mary Louisa, the baroness). Foltest will also assign some troops to position and he'll give you the task to break down the barrier at #3 using the ballista at #5. The quest describing this event is called Barricade.

There's nothing much else to do than to go down to the yard (#4) and man the ballista. After descending down to the courtyard, you'll face three La Valette's soldiers. Experiment freely in combat, though the most effective way is to use Quen until you learn how to evade attacks by dodging or parrying. Combine that with Aard or Yrden and carefully pick out your foes one by one using "strong" or "fast" attacks. There are more enemies up the stairs (southern wall on the map), about three swordsmen coupled with three crossbowmen.

First fight near the ballista will be against six opponents and it can get pretty tough. Use the tactic above, while dodging around in circles. Shield-bearer and the two-handed sword fighter are particularly hard to wear down, patience is the key. After defeating them, start cocking the ballista by rapidly tapping left mouse button. You'll get interrupted soon enough by a regular soldier and a shield-bearer. Defeat them both and start aiming with the balista in the same manner. Another wave of enemies appears, two-handed swordsman and two soldiers. After dispatching them, launch the bolt and earn 300 experience points, completing Barricade quest.

Check out the Assassin's Creed easter egg (#6) to gain Assassin ability, which increases damage done from behind by 25%.Next, head back up the stairs (at the southern wall) and up the ramps to reach the walls again and go to the King at #7. You'll also meet a new character called Aryan La Valette (#8). He's the eldest son of Louisa, and he isn't Foltest's child.

After a cutscene with Foltest and Aryan, you'll receive 300 experience points and your job will be to go up to Aryan atop of the tower to try and reason with him. If all is well, you've most likely earned a level, and therefore earned a skill point. It is recommended that you spend it on dagger throwing as it will be needed later in an Act I side quest. Move carefully over the bridge and get ready to dispose another band of soldiers. Then move to the right, up the ramps until you reach Aryan (#8). During the conversation you'll be given a choice:

  • Persuade Aryan to give up, which will make him live, and you'll meet him later on in the dungeons.

  • Have a duel with Aryan, which will result in him dying.

  • Fight Aryan with all his soldiers, which results in (obviously) Aryan dying.
The best choice seems to be to let Aryan live, as you'll get an additional ability later on called Strong Back (+50 capacity) if you carry him out of the La Valette's dungeons. Either way, you've earned yourself 400 experience points, finished At the Fore quest and this part of the prologue is complete.

1 - Starting position and the siege tower

2 - First clash with the La Valette's soldiers

3 - Wooden barrier

4 - Descend location

5 - Ballista

6 - Dead assassin

7 - King Foltest

8 - Aryan La Valette






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