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The Assassins of Kings

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First information on the assassins you can get while talking to the elf prisoner at #1. This step is optional though and you can only do it when you complete the side quest Lost Lambs.

Once you cut off the curse from Henselt during The Blood Curse, he'll invite you to his tent (#2) to celebrate the successful ritual. Unfortunately, not everything went as planned...


Head over to Henselt's tent at #2 after sundown (23:00). There'll also be a Redanian courier who bears news that Radovid wants to annex Temeria due to being married to Adda, Foltest's daughter. In the next few scenes, a mysterious assassin will slash the messenger's throat and attempt to kill the king with a throwing knife. Geralt, parries it and summons a powerful charge of Aard, blowing the assassin out of the tent. Outside, he encounters a fight versus the two assassins.

They aren't particularly hard to beat, use your Quen sign and encase them with Yrden. Beware of their lethal combo hits as they remove more than half of your vitality on harder difficulties. After you damage either of them enough, a custcene follows. Geralt kills one of the assassins, Auckes, but the other one, named Serrit escapes when Sile shoots him with lightning bolts. You'll get 500 experience points and an ability called Swordsman which increases damage in swordfights by 4.

Seems like no medallion for the quest Faith Symbolized yet. King will only part with it once you deal with the assassin matter. Dethmold will resort to necromancy to get some information out of the assassin's corpse. Sile will object, saying that necromancy is forbidden. That won't count much, as you're far away from the court and other sorceresses. Therefore, meet Dethmold at the medical tent over at #3.

Before starting the ritual you'll need to drink a potion which will help you endure the process. Gadwall is perfect for it and Myron who's sitting on the bench right outside of the tent happens to have a formula if you didn't acquire one already. Drink the potion and talk to Dethmold again. Through a complex necromantic spell, your mind will be linked to that of the assassin's and you'll be able to see his recent past.

As Auckles (#4), you'll be following Serrit on your way towards the hideout (#5) where Letho awaits you. You'll also mention an upcoming attempt at Henselt's life.

Once inside (#5), make sure to follow in Serrit's footsteps, literally. Letho has set out a lot of traps in case anyone manages to find the hideout. If you step into one, the vision will end and you'll have to redo the whole trapped way sequence again. During the conversation with Letho, you'll learn that Sile is in fact in cahoots with the assassins.

In the next vision (#6), you'll be sneaking around the camp. Wait for the right moment when the guards separate and then move undetected. Should you be discovered, the vision will end and you won't have any way to go back to it unless you reload. After killing the guard (#7), you'll enter another vision. You'll be discussing Loc Muinne and Letho who went there.

In the following part (#8), you'll be dealing with a lot of guards. Should you die, you'll interrupt the spell and can only reload to continue. After passing this part (it isn't hard), you'll be up to the point where you fight Geralt. And no, you can defeat him, he'll kill you in two hits.

Having experienced the vision, and learned that Sile is a collaborator with the assassins and that Letho went to Loc Muinne, you'll report that to Dethmold and move to #5, the hideout. Re-equip your steel sword, it got bugged from the previous scenes.

Once inside, a gargoyle will attack you. Mages usually spawn gargoyles and when they die, they explode, potentially causing incineration on anyone nearby. Make sure to dodge away once you defeat them. Go the same way as the assassins and you'll meet another gargoyle and a golem. If you've fought a golem before you'll get an ability called David, which increases damage versus large creatures by 10%. Works on bosses, golems, trolls and similar.

Serrit will be lying nearby in a pool of blood. In his dying breath, you'll learn that Sile managed to get him before you. He'll also awaken a piece of your memory about the chase for the Wild Hunt and when they took Yennefer. This also triggers the quest Returning Memories for Act II. Serrit's corpse contains his notes, Negotiator, Diagram: Conflagration and a pair of boots.

Head back to Dethmold in his tent (#9). He'll give you the medallion for the quest Faith Symbolized. This quest doesn't exactly end but there won't be any more advancements in this act.

1 - Elven Prisoner

2 - Henselt

3 - Dethmold (in the medical tent)

4 - Starting location as Auckes

5 - Assassins' hideout

6 - Vision as Auckes inside the camp

7 - Guard

8 - Final vision as Auckes

9 - Dethmold






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