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Lost Lambs

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As soon as you exit the camp after talking to Dethmold, you'll be stopped by Zyvik (#1), who was looking for two of his men. Apparently they are about to miss the muster and Zyvik doesn't like that so asks you to find them.


Talking to Zyvik reveals that the two soldiers went somewhere to the gullies and that he'd like you to find them and send them back to the camp. You can either agree to do so, or just say that they're dead.

Either way, you'll find the solders near Sabrina's pyre at #2. They planned to return a while ago, but they are frightened by nearby drowners. The only thing protecting them is the enchanted circle around the pyre. Therefore, they ask you for your help to get back to the camp.

There's a choice to be made here: tell them that they're good to go by themselves, or agree to help them. You can continue with the quest after inspecting the pyre for the quest The Blood Curse.

If you choose the first option, they won't talk to you anymore and they'll die from the monsters, which results in a quest failure.

Choosing the first option is definitely the right one, and once you start escorting them, protect them from monsters so that none of them die. If you've got a good weapon, drowners shouldn't take more than two fast hits. Escort them to the place marked by #3 and you'll receive 100 experience points. The only thing left to do is to collect your reward from Zyvik.

Zyvik can be found wandering around the camp, but he mostly stays at Lasota's workshop (#4). Once you find him (he's also marked by the in-game quest tracker) the quest is complete and you'll receive 110 orens.

1 - Zyvik (in front of the gates)

2 - The two soldiers

3 - Escort end point

4 - Zyvik (in the camp)






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