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A Summit of Mages

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This quest is received after Where is Triss Merigold? or Of His Blood and Bone depending on which goal you pursued in the end phase of For Temeria!.


The quest starts at #1 if you went to save Triss from Nilfgaardians or #2 if you saved Anais from Dethmold. Either Triss or Vernon will agree to wait you at the entrance to the amphitheatre (#3) depending on your previous actions. Before you get to #3, if you didn't kill Henselt, you'll come across one pissed off noble, who comments that Henselt got whole Aedirn for himself.

If you went with Roche, you'll come in the middle of the first phase of the talks or if you saved Triss , you'll enter the amphitheatre in the second phase. Further explained below.

Once the talks start (#4), Constable John Natalis will say that Temeria is being divided amongst barons and that the country shall be no more if there isn't a rightful heir to the throne. As such, he wants to divide Temeria into smaller provinces. Henselt (if he's alive or a kaedweni representative will be there instead of him) and Radovid will strongly oppose that stance, as Temeria will be meaningless if the Northern kingdoms need to forge an alliance again to fight Nilfgaardians. Radovid then offers to put Temeria under his protection.

At about that time, if you saved Anais with Roche, you'll enter the area. Depending on your decision in Of His Blood and Bone, you'll give Anais either to Radovid or John Natalis. If she's with Radovid, he promised her to rule Temeria once she matures, or if you're playing a save game from the first game where Adda is dead, he'll marry Anais once she's old enough. Giving her to John Natalis will change his mind, and he'll present her as the royal heir to the Temerian throne.

After disputing about Temeria, a "second" phase of the talks start, a discussion about the Conclave of Mages. If you saved Triss, this is the time when you'll arrive at the meeting with her. Before saying anything, Triss will accuse Sile of Demavend's assassination and plotting against other kings. If you came earlier with Roche, Shilard will speak and accuse the Lodge of Sorceresses for the assassination attempts and Foltest's and Demavend's murder. He'll bring Letho as proof, and lie that the Lodge hired him.

Radovid will be furious and will storm the amphitheatre with his knights of the Flaming Rose, pointing at Sile to be arrested for the murders. Sile has another trick up her sleeve though, and the dragon (which you've first seen in the prologue) appears again. This time, it torches the whole area and carefully picks Sile and places her on top of one of the towers nearby. The quest ends here and starts a new one, Enter the Dragon. You'll also earn 500 experience points.

1 - Starting point with Triss

2 - Starting point with Roche

3 - Triss or Roche

4 - Amphitheatre






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