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The Witcher 2 Equipment Database - Advanced Search
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Category Type Rarity Rune Slots
Armor Base Damage Installation Sort

Select Enchantments
Increases Vigor
Increases Vitality
Increases Resistance to Bleeding
Increases Resistance to Incineration
Increases Resistance to Poisoning
Reduces Damage When Blocking
Reduces Damage From Magic
Increases Adrenaline Generation
Increases Alchemy Ingredients Harvested
Increases Chance of Instant Kill
Increases Duration of Blade Oils
Increases Geralt's Maximum Load
Increases Sign Range
Increases Vigor Regeneration
Increases Vitality Regeneration
Causes Bleeding
Causes Freeze
Causes Incineration
Causes Knockdown
Causes Stun
Increases Damage to Gargoyles
Increases Damage to Harpies
Increases Damage to Humans
Increases Damage to Insectoids
Increases Damage to Large Monsters
Increases Damage to Necrophages
Increases Damage to Wraiths
Increases Bomb Damage
Increases Sign Damage
Increases Trap Damage