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A Rough Landing

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After escaping from the dungeons with the help of Roche and his Special Forces, this quest is automatically triggered once you arrive in Act I. It seems that the main port in Flotsam is closed due to a gargantuan monster stalking from the water. Therefore the party has to land somewhere near the town and continue on foot.


To proceed with the quest, get off the ship and walk towards Triss and Roche (#1). Make sure you loot the red sparking chest for another quest later on. After walking for a while and exploring the land, a sudden sound of flute will spring into your ears and interrupt the chatter, which Roche immediately classifies as elven.

Once you reach #2, a dialog ensues and you'll be in for a sharp argument about the Scoia'tael, the dead king and Iorveth's cooperation with the kingslayer. After you mention that Scoia'tael is just a tool in a much greater play and Iorveth replies that Scoia'tael shall not be used by others anymore, Triss will try to use a paralyzing lightning spell on him, but misses. Afterwards, the archers will attack from the bushes. Triss repels their arrows with a spell that turns them into butterflies. Sadly enough, as it was said in the first game, she's allergic to magic, which makes her quickly exhausted and nosebleed. She gathers just enough strength to keep the shield up.

Make sure you're standing in the shield the whole time during this gauntlet. If you do so, you'll receive another ability called Cover, which adds 10% damage reduction.

Elves will be coming mostly from behind in groups of two, but at one point also from the front (related to Roche's orientation and his movement direction). Use your favorite signs and combinations which work to defeat them fast enough while managing to stay in the protective dome. A good combination, as always is Quen and Yrden, along with heavy melee attacks. Triss and Roche will also exchange some funny lines during this encounter.

After reaching the town entrance (#3), Scoia'tael attacks will subside, with another cutscene explaining that the kingslayer knows Geralt's weakness. Anyhow, the guard asks you for your names, to which Geralt will reply that he's a witcher, Roche will say that he's Emhyr var Emreis (that's the name of the Nilfgaardian emperor, and luckily enough common folk never heard of him), a merchant who apparently deals in spices and Triss will just talk her way out of the situation, as if looking for a place to rest. This ends the quest A Rough Landing and earns you 1000 experience points.

As the party is about to leave, the guard tells you that you might just be in time for the execution of some non-humans and a bard, starting a new main quest By the Gods - Stringing Up Sods.

1 - Starting location, Triss Merigold & Vernon Roche

2 - Encounter with Iorveth

3 - Entrance to the town, Guard






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