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Prelude to War: Aedirn

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At the very beginning of the second act on Iorveth's side, you'll play as prince Stennis, one of the nobles of Aedirn. Along with Saskia, you're going to meet with King Henselt and decide what to do with Vergen.


You'll start out at #1, somewhere in the ravines of Upper Aedirn. Your job is to reach the tent located at #2, where you'll begin negotiations with Kaedwen leader. You can't run around, so just walk and enjoy the view. Along the way, Saskia will be talking to Stennis about her intentions in the upcoming encounter. She plans to save Vergen from being sold by other nobilities and talks about aftermath of the victory. Olcan, the priest behind Stennis, will disagree with having Saskia as a commander of the army, having seen her in a dream as a snake-like demon.

As you reach #2, you'll be greeted by Henselt, and one of the nobles will be immediately executed for collaborating before you (Stennis) even arrived at the location. Henselt will threaten you with his army of 5000 soldiers and you can choose how you want to respond to that. Dialog choices here, sadly enough, won't have much of a consequence because Stennis is already a formed character, but they still add to role-playing depth. Either stay strong and reject surrendering or act as if you're forced to surrender Vergen.

Either way, fight will break out. After doing enough damage to either Dethmold or Henselt, there'll be a cutscene in which Henselt kills the priest, Olcan, in a surge of rage. As a result, he has activated a terrible curse.

Simultanously on the other side, Geralt, Dandelion and Zoltan are soon arriving in Vergen, and they met dwarves on their way. Among them, you'll see Yarpen Zigrin. Geralt won't really remember who he is, but Zoltan and Dandelion will introduce you. A few steps away behind you, Iorveth will also join the meeting.

Yarpen won't be exactly happy to see Iorveth, calling him butcher, but once he realizes that he's here to help, he'll tell him where Saskia and Stennis are. They're off to negotiate with Henselt, as seen earlier in the act. The sun will suddenly go dark and Yarpen will call the sorceress to investigate. You'll also get 200 experience points.

Back on the other side, the battle has been revived by the curse, and a horde of specters and ghosts roam the area, stemming from the stone where Henselt killed the priest. There won't be any time to wait though, as Saskia might be in danger. You and Iorveth will immediately head to the area where the negotiations were (#3). Fight the endless waves of specters and two draugirs will spawn by the end of this phase. Defeat them and an owl will come to guide you safely out of the mist.

Philippa Eilhart, who transformed into an owl, will also cast a powerful wraith-repelling spell, instantly killing any wraith that enters the encircled area. While on your way back to safety, you'll encounter wraiths and a draugir which will disrupt Eilhart's movement and draw her attention on sustaining the shield. This happens when the circle turns from orange to blue, and multiple wraiths draw beams towards the owl. Just defeat the wraiths (the draugir disappears if you kill the wraiths, though if you want more experience kill draugirs first) and you'll continue the journey. These encounters occur at #4, #5 and #6.

The exit to Vergen's wilderness is located at #7. You'll eventually reach a large smoke of blue energy. That's the border to the normal world. Philippa will revert to her normal form and question you for your reasons to come to Vergen. She's worried about Saskia's life, as you're still a wanted criminal in three countries. After this discussion, you'll automatically arrive in Vergen (#8) and this quest is done. Apart from 550 experience points, two new quests will be unlocked The War Council and Bring It On: Vergen.

1 - Starting location (as Prince Stennis)

2 - Meeting place

3 - Starting location (as Geralt)

4 - Encounter with Wraiths

5 - Encounter with Wraiths

6 - Encounter with Wraiths

7 - Exit of the mist to Vergen's side

8 - Vergen






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