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Troll Trouble

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Among all the things happening in Flotsam and its forest, there's also a drunken troll living under a bridge. Loredo's put a price on his head, which you can collect at Louis Merse's office, or you can try to reason with the troll and help him work on repairing the bridge again.


This quest is essentially picked up at the notice board (#1) in front of the inn, reading the troll contract. Logically, next step is to scout on the subject, which means going to the troll's lair over at the ruined bridge at #3. On your way towards the area, you'll meet a man (#2) from the town being attacked by three nekkers. Help him and then talk to him to find out that the troll is actually a helpful one (he was repairing the bridge), but recently he's started drinking because something terrible happened to him, and before deciding to kill him, you should investigate what's really going on and visit the village's representative, Chorab (#4).

Now you can either visit Chorab and talk about the troll, or you can get down into the river right now, and try to reason with the troll. Chorab offers a potential reward of a hundred orens, while you can double it to two hundred. He mentions that troll is a good fellow, and that he's not the only one responsible for asking a tax from the travelers.

Once you meet the troll at #3, there will be no way to prevent him from attacking you. As soon as his health reaches around below 40%, he'll surrender and start explaining the whole situation. At this point you can either slay him, or listen to what he has to say. He'll mention that some evil men killed his wife and he's been drinking since.

If you choose to kill the troll right on spot, then reporting to Louis Merse (#5) nets you 125 experience points and 100 orens. Defeating the troll is easy, just trap him with Yrden, and smash down with heavy attacks. This ends the quest.

If you want to help the troll, which is a bit more rightful, then you should ask some people about who could attack the she-troll. People you should talk to are Zoltan (in the tavern) and Sile (upper level of the tavern), located at #6. Sile will tell you about alchemical uses of the troll's head, though no alchemist would want the whole head as it's hardly any more useful than as a trophy. Zoltan will tell you that troll's head is just a prestigious hunting trophy.

If you've ever visit Sendler's home (#7), then you've probably noticed a hanging troll's head on the wall. This time around, you'll can examine and comment on it, and then ask Sendler where he got it. He'll reply that he bought it from a certain Dmitri (whose free pass was hanging on the notice board, freeing him of all transgressions). He doesn't know where he can be found, but he has a lackey in the inn (#6) whom you could ask. Also, you can win the troll's head if you beat at least four dice poker players for the side quest Poker Face: Flotsam, and got the right to play Sendler. Do so and win the head (along with the tongue). These are separate items, and keep them both as the head is needed in this quest and the tongue in another one.

Next, head back to the tavern (#6). On the lower level, standing in the middle of the room next to a pillar, you can find a man named Maddie (his name actually seems to be random depending on the instance of the game), who is a pal of Dmitri's. Use either intimidating dialog choice or fistfight and he'll start talking. Once he reveals that Dmitri is hiding out at the cemetery near Lobinden, you should pay him a visit.

When you reach #8, you'll witness Dmitri talking with three of his lackeys about their recent victim and Malena. Malena is an elven woman tied to another side quest called Malena, while their current victim seems to be Thaler's spy (which you find out when you loot that corpse). Defeat them all and then loot Dmitri's corpse for a key which opens the bandit hideout at #9, in a very secluded area.

The only thing left to do is to tell the troll that you took revenge for his wife, and in addition you can also give him his wife's head as a token of remembrance. A reward for giving him the head is Diagram: Hunter's Armor and reporting to him that you avenged his wife activates the last phase of the quest: go to Chorab (#4). Chorab will try to trick you into taking only one hundred, but after a bit of persuasion or intimidation he'll hand out 200 orens as agreed. In addition you also receive 125 experience points and this quest is complete. You can also slay the troll and report to Louis Merse, but do you really want to?

Sadly enough, bandit's hideout doesn't really have a lot of useful items. There's a Superb Cutlass, about 125 orens, Diagram: Endrega Hide Reinforcements and a Sun Rune.

1 - Notice board

2 - Man and the three nekkers

3 - Troll's lair

4 - Chorab

5 - Louis Merse

6 - Tavern, Zoltan, Sile and Dmitri's friend

7 - Sendler

8 - Lobinden cemetery, Dmitri

9 - Bandit's hideout






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