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Act II Introduction

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Act II - Introduction

Welcome to Act II on Roche's side! You'll be lifting the curse from the king as well as learning a bit more about the mysterious witcher kingslayers. Along the way, you'll also infiltrate the ranks of conspirator's insurgency while working with the royal sorcerer.

Before all that, you'll be playing king Henselt who's on his way to meet with Aedirn nobility. After negotiations, a fight will ensue and that's when Henselt will invoke a terrible curse (after smashing that priest's head due to being enraged from the outcome of his duel with Saskia).

Right in the nick of time, Geralt arrives and defends the king from the onslaught of wraiths and restless ghosts with the help of Dethmold, the royal advisor and Roche. After getting back to the camp and once the situation settles down, you'll be free to do the quests as you please, and as always there's a recommended list for them assorted in a way to grant fluid questing process.

Act openers:
- Prelude to War: Kaedwen
- Conspiracy Theory (only the first step - talking to Dethmold)

Side quests:
- Bring It On: Kaedweni Camp
- Poker Face: Kaedweni Camp
- Against the Blue Stripes
- Lost Lambs
- The Rotfiend Contract
- Little Sisters
- From a Bygone Era

Then continue mixing main and side quests:
- The Butcher of Cidaris
- Ave Henselt!
- In Cervisia Veritas

All of the side quests are done, therefore let's move onto the main ones:
- Courage Symbolized
- Conspiracy Theory (up to the point where you'll have to wait for the other main quests)
- The Blood Curse (first few steps)
- The Path to Visionary

Cross the mist and do:
- Death Symbolized
- Hatred Symbolized
- The Spear of Destiny

Once you return, get ready for:
- Where is Triss Merigold?
- The Blood Curse
- The Assassins of Kings
- Faith Symbolized
- The Eternal Battle

Act ends with:
- Conspiracy Theory
- Mystic River
- The Siege of Vergen

As far as equipment goes, the best steel sword seems to be sold by Mysterious merchant (Poisoned Zerrikanian Saberra, and the best silver sword seems to be Blood Sword, found in the tunnels during the quest The Siege of Vergen. As far as armors go, the best one you can get is Zireael's Armor (from Dethmold when you're ready to cross the mist).

Have fun questing!






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