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The Rose of Remembrance

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During the main quest The Assassins of Kings, when you finish your dialog with Ciaran (#1), you'll get another memory piece, depicting how riders of the Wild Hunt took Yennefer. After mentioning this to Triss, she'll offer to restore another portion of your memory.


While talking to Ciaran, you'll learn about roses of remembrance that grow at the elven ruins (#2). Triss will also mention that Cedric told her about those roses and their powerful magic petals. She then suggest restoring your memory using the petals and asks whether you'd like her to accompany you or not.

If you accept to go with her, she'll lead you to the elven ruins (#2). Once there, you can pick a rose and give it to Triss if you wish. The legend says that true love can keep the flower from wilting. Right after you do that though, a couple of thugs will enter the area, looking for a way to make a profit out of the large statue. Soon enough, they'll attack you because you'll defend the statue along with Triss. Defeat them all and another custcene occurs where you'll save Triss from a surprising bandit's attack. Then the ground will crumble from the battle, dropping you and Triss below into the elven bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, Triss will comment on the beautiful architecture. You'll also see a wall which looks like it can be broken with Aard, but not before talking to Triss. During the conversation with her, you have a chance to spend a romantic bath with her in the pool nearby. You can also say that there isn't enough time for that. Anyway, after the bath, she'll also ask you to leave everything and start a new life with her. No matter the dialog choices, you still have to clear your names.

In a nearby red sparkling chest you'll also find a book on the Wild Hunt, which will add up to its character in the journal and you can also inquire Dandelion (#4) about it. If you've spent a romantic bath, Roche will come looking for you because he got worried. If you didn't, then you can now break the wall with Aard. Either way, you conclude that Zoltan might be able to help you find Iorveth, from whom you may be able to get more information on the kingslayer.

Once you see Roche, you'll confront him about your choices in the conversation with Triss. If you said you're ready to drop everything and leave to restore your memory, you'll enter a fierce argument, but Roche will try to understand. Either way, this quest is completed (250 experience points) and The Assassins of Kings is continued.

Another way to do this quest is to acquire the rose yourself and reject that Triss goes with you during your conversation on the barge. That way you can either ask the locals of Lobinden (Cedric at #3) or go directly to the elven ruins yourself. Pick a rose and then return to the tavern (#4).

At this point, Triss will require several days to prepare the spell and will also ask you if you're willing to throw everything away and start anew with her, away from the politics and everything. If you say that you would, you can about it with Roche who won't take it so lightly. If you decide that you should clear your names first the quest ends then. You'll get 250 experience points for completing this quest. The Assassins of Kings can also be continued, as Zoltan (#4) can help you out with that one.

1 - Prison barge, Ciaran

2 - Elven ruins

3 - Cedric

4 - Tavern






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