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The Prologue Story Part 1

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This part of the story starts when you choose the dialog option "That morning, the King summoned me."

Right in the beginning of the story, we're treated with a scene with Triss. After talking to her (#1), we're ready to begin our adventure! A few quests automatically appeared in your journal:
- By the King's Will
- The Dungeons of the La Valettes
- The Assassins of Kings


Have a look around, get accustomed to the controls, pick up anything nearby. Use the medallion to reveal all the items you can interact with (default key Z, crates and herbs etc. are glowing in bright orange) and then head on down to the encampment. Before reaching your primary objective (#8a), you can take a look at other points of interest around.

Reporting to a temerian soldier (#2) that the job is done (from the dialogues Geralt dealt with a cockatrice, presumably something from the gap between the games) nets you 200 orens.

Next thing worth checking out is Newboy (#3) with his Crinfrid Reavers mercenaries. They'll give a side quest called Melitele's Heart. Initiating dialogue with these mercenaries will start up a story about a mysterious medallion which is supposed to protect the bearer in battle, and believing so, naive Newboy made a bet with the others not to wear his armor in the upcoming battle. They ask you to examine the amulet as an "expert" in the field. Since your medallion vibrated, after talking for a bit, you're presented with a choice:
  • Conclude that the item is of protective nature and therefore allow Newboy to go into battle without his armor which will later be revealed to be a bad choice as Newboy dies in the battle. The talisman can be looted once you find his corpse.

  • Notice that there might be something wrong with the amulet, which means that Newboy will use his armor and as a choice, you can either take the amulet yourself, or refuse. It is suggested that you take Newboy's Amulet as it will open up a new quest in Act I. Even though it gives -10% damage reduction, it can later be purified. This item grants its malus (or later on, bonus) directly from inventory, it cannot be equipped otherwise. You will also meet Newboy later in the Prologue, thanking you for saving his life.
No matter the choice, Geralt gets 50 experience points after this initial decision.

At the location #4, you'll see your first place of power. Places of power are gusts of wind absorbed through witcher's medallion and this one in particular grants 2 vitality regeneration out of combat / 1 vitality regeneration in combat and +300 sign duration.

Destroying ten different training dummies (#5) will unlock Experienced ability, which grants +10% to all experience points earned. There are five training dummies here, more in Act I and Act III.

You can also learn the basics of some of the mini-games in The Witcher 2. Strongarm at #6 is supposed to introduce you to the arm wrestling mini-game, while the soldier at the back of the camp (#7) can show you the basics of dice poker mini-game.

Once you're ready to progress with the main quest, head over to the exit of the camp at #8a. That is the initial position of the King and the ambassador. As soon as you start approaching they'll move to the platform near the trebuchet (#8b).

After speaking to the king, the area will get hit by a ballista, and the group will move forward to #8d near King's own ballista, after making a short stop at one of the guards (#8c) who'll get promoted by Foltest.

Again, after a short conversation, which describes the children of the Baroness of the La Valettes (they are Foltest's), a detail from the save game import is mentioned:
  • If you imported a save game where you lifted Adda's curse again, the King will point that out.

  • If you started the game without importing or imported a save where Adda is dead, the King will mention that he has no other children (apart from those two in the besieged castle).

When Shilard leaves the place, you and Foltest will man the ballista. You'll be trying to hit Count Etcheverry. If you manage to aim properly (1.5 degrees is the right angle), later on when fighting on foot you'll face less enemies on that particular wall. Check the provided picture.

Soon afterwards, you'll automatically enter the siege tower after shooting the ballista. Follow the King using the ladders and after a battle speech given by the King atop of the tower, you return to the dungeons of the La Valettes while also receiving 375 experience points. This marks the completion of the main quest By the King's Will, and starts At the Fore. These are continued in Part 2 of the Prologue.

1 - Triss & the starting location

2 - Temerian recruit

3 - Newboy and the Crinfrid Reavers

4 - Place of Power - Circle of Vigor

5 - Training Dummies

6 - Strongarm

7 - Soldier

8a - King Foltest, Shilard Fitz-Oesterlen

8b - A short stop by the King

8c - Another short stop

8d - Foltest, ballista

9 - Moving siege tower






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