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The Harpy Contract

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The city of Vergen is threatened by harpies from the old quarry. The quest can be obtained from the notice board (#1), near the tavern.


Before setting out to cull the threat, you'll need knowledge about harpies and harpy traps. The book on harpies can be found on Felicia Cori (#2) while the traps can be bought from Earso (#3). Once you've acquired knowledge about harpies and at least seven harpy traps head out the to the nests.

Note that you do not need to place a trap somewhere near a nest. Wherever you place it in the quarry, a harpy will come to pick it up and carry it to the nest which hasn't been destroyed. Simply for reference, the nests are marked, but again, it doesn't matter where you put the trap as long as it is in that quarry. Placing the trap is done with default key R.

The nests are located at #4. Therefore, there are four in total in this crater, and three more in the harpy's lair (accessed during the quest Hunting Magic). Once you obtain the key for it, head to the lair whose entrance is located at #5.

The nests inside are located somewhere on top of the ravines, but feel free to use the traps on the marked spots (#6). After doing it three times, you will have destroyed all eggs and gained the ability Birdman, which increases your damage to harpies by 10%.

The only thing left to do is to get your reward from Cecil (#7). You'll receive a fire rune, 200 orens and 100 experience points.

1 - Notice board

2 - Felicia Cori

3 - Earso

4 - Harpy nests

5 - Harpy lair

6 - Harpy nests

7 - Cecil Burdon






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