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Flotsam Forests

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Flotsam forests - Overview

The town itself, Flotsam (#3) and the village Lobinden (#4) are large enough to have their own page with a map overview. Therefore all the other locations and points of interest will be tackled on this map.

1 - Starting Location

This is the place where you start the act on the quest A Rough Landing. You were forced to anchor outside the port because the docks are terrorized by a large river monster, the kayran.

2 - Cave near the town

This cave, heavily populated by nekkers, is involved in a side quest called Malena.

3 - Flotsam

This is the main town in this act, and it serves as a crossroads for many quests, crafters and merchants in Act I. A lot of things will be going on in here. It of course has a notice board, a dice poker crew, fist fighting tournament and an arm wrestling club.

It's run by a fellow named Loredo, a ruthless non-human hating tyrant, "on behalf of Temeria". Later in the act this town will be a site where a major massacre takes place, should you choose to aid the Scoia'tael.

4 - Lobinden

This small village on the eastern side of the city also possesses a few crafters and a herb witch.

5 - Lobinden cemetery

The cemetery doubles as a hideout for a bandit named Dmitri during the quest Troll Trouble. You'll also find a corpse of Thaler's spy with a letter of his findings.

6 - The Kayran's lair

Once you're about the fight the kayran during the main quest The Kayran, the battle takes place over this swampy terrain.

7 - Shipwreck

A quest called Mystic River is started here here in this shipwreck, by looting a key and then opening a nearby chest. More shipwrecks will be found in Act II.

8 - Troll's lair

The only alive troll in the first act resides here, under the bridge. He's directly involved in the quest Troll Trouble, during which you can either end his misery or help him leave drinks and start repairing the bridge again.

9 - Shrine of Veyopatis

This shrine is a location at which you'll purify Newboy's talisman with Anezka's help during the quest Melitele's Heart.

10 - Bandits' hideout

This is a home of several bandits. The house can only be opened with a key from Dmitri which you can loot from his corpse during the quest Troll Trouble.

11 - Waterfall

This waterfall is a place where Malena will drag you into an ambush if you decide to cover up for her during the quest Malena.

It is also hides an entrance to a cave in which you can find ostmurk, a rare species of moss for the potion which aids you in fighting the kayran (The Kayran: Ostmurk).

12 - Elven ruins

This is the place where you'll encounter kingslayer again a bit later into the chapter and during one of the quests you'll also have a chance to enjoy a romantic bath with Triss.

13 - Haunted asylum

This place is the site of the side quest In the Claws of Madness. It's populated by wraiths of the fallen guards and prisoners and a Nilfgaardian ghost. You'll also meet the two missing "nobles" for the same quest.

14 - Arachas' lair

You won't be seeing anything special here until much later into the chapter (until you go with Zoltan to meet up with Scoia'tael during the quest The Assassins of Kings). You can find Iorveth's hideout here.

L - Circle of Life

Red cross with - Grants +2 vitality regeneration out of combat / +1 vitality regeneration in combat.

E - Circle of Endurance

Black club on a yellow shield - Grants +4 armor.

V - Circle of Vigor

Double-colored hexagon - Grants +2 vitality regeneration out of combat / + 1 vitality regeneration in combat and 300 duration.

S - Circle of Strength

Sword in a red frame - Grants + 20% melee damage

P - Circle of Power

Reversed blue triangle reminiscent of sign icons - Grants 0.2 sign intensity and 300 duration.






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