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The Path to Visionary

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This quest is automatically received during your trek towards the Visionary while on the quest The Blood Curse. Your goal in this one is to find out the Visionary's connection with Sabrina's pyre and to obtain additional details on lifting the curse.


Once you're sent to the Visionary, you'll encounter a group of soldiers at #1, in one of the ravines. There are two possible locations, depending on the path you take towards the hermit's hut. Either way, the outcome of their fight with the beasts doesn't matter as you can loot them for the Soldier's notes for the Visionary and a bunch of orens, which was supposed to be the Visionary's payment of some sort. If at least one of them survived, he'll just give you the money that you should hand over to the Visionary, as he's too scared to continue.

The next step is obviously to visit the hermit himself (#2). On the way there a swarm of harpies will attack you, but if you cross the candle border, you'll be protected. At this point, you might be powerful enough to defeat them, so if you're looking for some extra experience, you might as well do that.

Once you talk to the Visionary, he'll comment on the fact if you saved the soldiers or not, and then you can either give him a healthy donation (around 400 orens) or accept to become his follower. Paying him will end the quest and he'll provide you with the answers you seek. On the other hand, becoming a follower can lead to some interesting things, so you could do that instead. Inside his house you'll find Visionary notes II and III.

He'll give you a special potion which you should drink just before meditating near Sabrina's pupils (the twin lakes over at #3, which are more like ponds, judging by their size). Meditate until dusk (after 20:00) and then perform the ritual over at the shrine (that's when you drink Visionary's potion). Note that you may face an arachas in the area, along with endregas from the nearby forest.

Once over in the ethereal world, you'll see a lot of ...weird things, to say the least. There'll be a giant chicken and very tall and fat mushrooms. As you approach the hen, you'll be spawned on top of the hill (#4). Turn around to loot Visionary notes I, and then head back to the hermit (#2). Tell him what you really saw and he'll answer your questions.

Visionary notes complete the whole picture of him, and his role in Sabrina's death. He was in fact, the soldier Yahon, who thrust his spear into Sabrina, letting her blood and allowing her to cast the curse. He's been right at the time and the site of happening so he knows the whole truth. Once he tells you what you need the quest will end. You'll learn that Yahon's spear is in possession of the relic peddler, who lied to you in the first place. Anyway, now you can continue the quest The Blood Curse, so further details of the main story will be explained there.

1 - The group of soldiers & rotfiends

2 - The Visionary

3 - Sabrina's shrine

4 - Cliff






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