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Vergen city

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Vergen - Overview

This overview contains various points of interested found in the city of Vergen. To have all the things properly appear at their places, you should do the quest The War Council first, as it will also open up one of the inner gates. Quests mentioned are described in greater detail on the proper pages.

1 - Tavern

Just like every tavern, Vergen's one is full of life at any given moment. Inside you'll find fist fighters beating each other for coin, most notably Sheridan who gives the quest One on One: Vergen.

Also, once you complete The War Council and receive quest The Eternal Battle, you can find Zoltan and the other boys in here and they'll help you out with it.

The innkeeper himself besides running the place, is also an avid poker player (one of the opponents in Poker Face: Vergen). He'll also provide you with some clues on magical emanations around Vergen during Hunting Magic. You'll also find the storage nearby.

2 - Ele'yas

This Scoia'tael warrior will give you the quest With Flickering Heart. Apparently a succubus is murdering people somewhere and he wants you to deal with it.

3 - Notice board

The notice board contains a lot of witcher's work to be done. There's The Harpy Contract and information on other quests. Harpies seem to be threatening Vergen and have made themselves nests in the nearby quarry. Besides that, the local smith and rune master, Baltimore, appears to be dead as no one has seen him recently. Thorak succeeded him. Cecil Burdon, the alderman of Vergen, decided to close the mines due to rotfiends' threat and Ele'yas put his business offer over here as well.

4 - Mysterious merchant

The mysterious merchant as always, provides excellent weapons and armor. One of the best steel swords in this act can be bought from him (Poisoned Zerrikanian Saberra). Extraordinary silver swords are also available - Robust Yellow Meteorite Sword for sword masters and Robust Blue Meteorite Sword for mages).

5 - Saskia's house

As Saskia was poisoned early in the act (during the quest The War Council), you won't be seeing much of her until you do A Matter of Life and Death. Two Scoia'tael will guard her house and prevent anyone from entering except Philippa Eilhart.

6 - Inner gate

Until you finish The War Council, you won't even be able to leave the city as this gate is closed until then. Later on once you visit that area for the first time, Cecil will be explaining the situation Vergen's in to the simple folk.

7 - House with two exits

This house can be used to make a shortcut and reach the rope bridge faster, if you're travelling around opposite sides of the city.

8 - Cornelius Meyer & Bruno Biggs

These two dwarves (inside the house) start your quest for domination at the poker table. Talk to them to initiate the quest Poker Face: Vergen.

9 - Haggard

Besides being a merchant and providing blacksmith's crafting skills, Haggard is also a poker player during the quest Poker Face: Vergen.

10 - Philippa Eilhart's house

Philippa is one of the most prominent characters in this act, as she'll provide a lot of details on the main quests and how to remove the mist and cure Saskia. She's involved in several main quests, the most important ones being Where is Triss Merigold? and A Matter of Life and Death. Philippa also engages in a weird lesbian relationship with her apprentice, Cynthia.

11 - Skalen Burdon

Alderman's nephew is involved in a few quests, most notably Bring It On: Vergen, as he's the strongest arm wrestler around.

12 - Felicia Cori

Felicia is a dealer in formulae and various alchemical substances. In patch 1.2, barbers and coiffeurs were introduced and she also fulfills that job. You can also find books about lore and monsters on her.

13 - Mael

Mael is an elven craftsman and an armor vendor. As such, he has the best available armor in this act right from the start: Dragon Scale Armor.

14 - Spark

Spark is the food vendor in lower Vergen. She's apparently got problems with her boyfriend, but once Geralt tells him what kind of problems he solves, she reconsiders her idea.

15 - Main gate

This is the main gate to Vergen. Two stoic dwarves guard it all the time, preventing unauthorized access.

16 - Earso

Earso is a trap maker. He sells his products to anyone who wants to slay monsters, but provides special discount for witchers. You should visit him to get harpy traps for The Harpy Contract, unless you're making them yourself.

17 - Town Hall

This is the place where the main part of the quest Royal Blood takes place. When you first talk to Stennis, he'll refuse to give a single droplet of blood for Saskia, which immediately spawns suspicion. Later on in the quest, you can choose to let the mob lynch him, or give him a fair trial, as he's said to have had a hand in poisoning Saskia.

18 - Cecil Burdon's house

The alderman of Vergen, Cecil Burdon, resides here. He'll provide rewards for the various contract quests and clearing out the mining tunnels (Hey, Work's On In the Mines!) during the quest Subterranean Life.

19 - Thorak

Thorak, the new rune master, doubles as a merchant. Apparently, he didn't do anything to hurt Baltimore who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. He's the prime suspect for it though (quest: Suspect Thorak) and more details will be revealed in Baltimore's Nightmare.

20 - Iorveth

Iorveth will be able to tell you some background detail about Letho, his collaboration with him and history about Scoia'tael. You'll also learn what happened to the Valley of Flowers, Francesca Findabair and other prominent figures who had a role in bringing Scoia'tael where they are now. You can also mentioned Yaevinn, the leader of the Scoia'tael from the first game.

21 - Tunnel to northern valley

The northern valley can only be accessed by crossing through this tunnel here.

22 - Igor Vivaldi

If you restored Vivaldi's bank in the first game you can visit this dwarf and with a bit of persuasion you can get around 295 orens from him

E - Circle of Endurance

Black club on a yellow shield - Grants +4 armor.

L - Circle of Life

Red cross - Grants +2 vitality regeneration out of combat / + 1 vitality regeneration in combat.






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