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Baltimore's Nightmare

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During Hunting Magic, you've come across a strange magical crystal which contains Baltimore's dream. Upon viewing it at the projection ring (#1), this quest is started.


Once you've received the quest, your objective will be to head near Baltimore's workshop, located near the closed eastern Vergen gate (#2). The only citizens nearby are the dwarves up the ledge, so it's possible that they might know something. Go talk with them, especially Thorak (#3). After discussing the subject, you'll be given a key to Baltimore's workshop (#2).

Inside the workshop, apart from all the ores and crafting materials, you'll find a wall that can be brought down with Aard. In the concealed department, you'll find Baltimore's directions and a key. As you exit the area, Thorak will stop you as he heart rumbling in the house. You can either tell him about your findings or keep it for yourself and investigate. This has consequences on the final phase of the quest.

Either way, start following the signs described in Baltimore's notes. The first one says: "Start looking at the well, where loud echoes dwell”. This points at the well in the burned village, right outside Vergen (#4). The next sentence "Take ten paces t’wards the river, walk left and do not shiver. Meager two tens of paces, pass the gate in my good graces" leads towards the gate at #5.

Examining the next clue "The one that out safety keeps. Go where the crossroads" patron sleeps. Every road you need to take, yet the middle one is safe" brings us to the shrine (#6) nearby. Take the middle path. Now, you should be heading for the quarry. Use the medallion to reveal stones on the way with some engravings ("Heed and look for Ingrand’s signs, and you’ll follow my designs"). Once you reach the bottom, you'll find a chest at #7, which can be opened with the key you found earlier.

Inside the chest, you'll find a Runic key. Follow the next instructions - "Should you choose to go right, you’ll soon see someone in plight. At noon this drowned soul, points its shadow at your goal". It means that you should go right at the crossroads (#6). Follow the path all the way to the spot marked with #8. You'll find an entrance concealed with leaves.

Search around the place, and you'll find beaver's cap (useful in the quest Death Symbolized, otherwise obsolete), a lot of runes, and Baltimore's notes. After looting that chest, Thorak will come along with two thugs.

Now, if you told him what you found in the workshop, you can get away with handing him the notes which completes the quest and gives 300 experience points.

It is recommended that you kill him as it positively affects the quest Suspect Thorak. Otherwise you'll have to fight him. They aren't very hard, except that there isn't a lot of room to dodge. Once you kill him you'll find Thorak's key which is used in the aforementioned quest.

At this point, you only have to report to Cecil (#9) about Thorak if you fought him. You'll get 60 orens, Gwyhyr (the best steel sword in this act) and 300 experience points.

1 - Projection ring (Harpy's lair)

2 - Baltimore's workshop

3 - Thorak

4 - Well in the burned village

5 - Stone gate

6 - Crossroads

7 - Chest with the runic key

8 - Thorak's secret workshop

9 - Cecil Burdon






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