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The Prologue Story Part 3

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This part of the prologue is initiated with the dialog choice "What ultimately happened to the dragon?".

After dealing with Aryan La Valette, you'll be heading out towards the inner areas of the castle, as shown in the cutscenes. Unfortunately, a dragon attacks the party, and you'll have to carefully navigate around the fire. Quest spanning this short part is called Trial by Fire.


Starting from this point (#1), move onwards while keeping to the left side of the wall, under the wooden structures. You'll have to be fast in defeating incoming La Valette's soldiers and avoiding dragon fire. Soldiers come in groups of two and aren't particularly hard to defeat. If you defeat the soldiers very fast, make sure not to run into the dragon's fire breath, but rather wait until it subsides.

After crossing the previous section, Triss will be able to lift the debris at #2 and allow your party to move onto the other side, but she herself will remain behind. Cross the wooden bridge and reach the platform at #3.

Another cutscene will start, where the dragon tries to block the passage, but will fly away once attacked by balistas from the other wall. The quest Trial by Fire will get completed. Anyhow, the story returns once again in the dungeons with Roche, where you'll explain to him what happened in the last part.

1 - Starting location

2 - Triss & the gate

3 - Ending point






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