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For Temeria!

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This quest is automatically received upon entering Act III. You and Roche are travelling to Loc Muinne to see how will the story of the northern kingdoms continue. As Henselt said, there'll be a new world order.


As you start somewhere in the ravines at #1, follow Roche until you get to the entrance to the ancient elven city. Along the way you'll have to deal with harpies. Follow Roche and he'll lead you on the right way. Also at #2 there's a nice vantage point from which you can take a look at Loc Muinne's architecture.

Once you reach #3, you and Roche will spot knights of the Flaming Rose. Roche will fill you in on the details: they came here with Radovid, the Redanian king. Since you had your disagreement from the first game, Roche advises you to lay low and not to waltz around too much in their camp. Don't worry though, you can fully explore their areas and help yourself with whatever crafting materials their crates have for you.

Before leaving you though, Roche will mention that you should talk to Radovid as he may want to help you resolve the politics play that's about to take place in Loc Muinne. He will then run to the guards (#4) and convince them to give you free pass, leaving you on your own and free to explore.

Talking to the guards will reveal that they still hold a grudge against you for killing their grandmaster. As far as they are concerned they'd slaughter you if it wasn't for Vernon. Anyway, you're free to enter the city (#5). Roche will be waiting for you at #6 once you're ready to progress with the quest. It is suggested that you take your time now to complete side quests and attain the best gear, most notably from the quests The Gargoyle Contract and Mystic River.

Once you feel like you're ready and you've done all the side quests, go check up on Roche at #6. You'll visit the king of Redania, Radovid. After passing through the whole Redanian encampment, you'll finally meet Radovid at #8. During your conversation, you'll learn why Nilfgaard has come here, to influence to treaties to Emperor's likings and you'll learn why Radovid brought his knights of the Flaming Rose. After asking the king for help, you can reveal to him that Sile is involved in the regicides of Demavend and Foltest.

The king will then propose a plan: get Anais, the girl who has royal blood coursing through her veins. She's held captive in the Kaedweni camp by Dethmold, as seen in the opening cutscene of this act. Radovid also promised to provide her shelter until she matures and is ready to take over the Temerian throne. He also promised to punish Sile for her deeds.

Once you get out of the Redanian quarters (#7), you'll be faced with a major crossroads. Save Triss from Nilfgaardians, or go with Roche and save Anais from Dethmold and kaedwenis. These options are mutually exclusive and they both have certain consequences on the remainder of the act. Once you choose either of the options, the quest is completed and the story is continued in either Where is Triss Merigold? or Of His Blood and Bone.

1 - Starting location of the act

2 - Vantage point

3 - A short break

4 - Guards of the Flaming Rose

5 - Entrance to the city

6 - Roche

7 - Entrance to Redanian quarters

8 - Radovid






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