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Courage Symbolized

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This quest is automatically received in the initial dialog with Dethmold during the quest Conspiracy Theory. You'll learn that you need four artifacts to lift the curse of the mist. An artifact containing the essence of courage is one of them.


As noted, the quest starts with Dethmold at #1. You'll learn that one of the artifacts needed to lift the curse is a special armor with an essence of courage.

To find out more about it, you'll need to complete the quest The Butcher of Cidaris which starts at #2. Once you're done with it, Sven will tell you that someone named Vinson Traut has a magical armor, and as such, he might be a hard opponent, even for you.

More information can be found while talking to Zyvik (#3), who wanders around the camp. Check the area around the arena, Lasota, cantina etc, and you'll find him. He'll be able to confirm that Traut really has a magical armor.

If you're about to meet the Visionary (#4) during the quest The Blood Curse, you may ask him as well about the armor, and he'll tell you that it's called Seltkirk's armor. Neither of these steps are necessary, except progressing enough into Conspiracy Theory.

Once you've progressed enough in Conspiracy Theory, you'll meet Vinson Traut (#5) and loot Seltkirk's Armor from him. This quest is then completed and you can continue your search for the other artifacts.

1 - Dethmold

2 - The Butcher of Cidaris quest

3 - Zyvik

4 - The Visionary

5 - Vinson Traut






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