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The Butcher of Cidaris

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As you approach the cantina (after talking to Dethmold about Conspiracy Theory) you'll notice a son and a father arguing about something. As it turns out, the son wants to compete in the arena tournament against an extremely vicious opponent known as the Butcher of Cidaris.


Over at the cantina (#1), after witnessing the quarrel, head inside and talk to the father by the name of Manfred, who's drinking away the sorrow with alcohol. You'll learn that his son wants to duel Letande Avet, known as the Butcher of Cidaris. The match isn't exactly to the death, but rarely does someone leave the ring alive unless he's the winner himself. You can then offer to help his son Sven, for a favor in return.

Sven is found right outside the inn at #2, training for the duel. He'll be rude in the beginning, but once you explain him the seriousness of the situation he'll agree to do a two-on-two match against Letande and his second. He'll continue practicing while you go to Letande.

Next step is to visit the Butcher of Cidaris himself. Talk to Letande (#3) and arrange the fight. He'll boast that he's the best fighter and that he's better than witchers themselves. Geralt will definitely want to check that out, so just ask him for a duel in pairs. A certain Edwin Leistham will agree to fight side by side with Letande and therefore the fight's settled. Time to visit Sven again.

Once you're ready tell him (#2) that the fight's up. After an announcement word from Malek, the fight will begin in the arena (#4). After you defeat the pair (they are actually very easy contrary to all the hype), Manfred will be waiting in front of the arena at #5. Talking to him ends the quest and reveals an important piece of information for the quest Conspiracy Theory.

Also, you'll be noticed by the King, who'll want you to participate in the upcoming tournament in the arena. This means that the quest Ave Henselt! is available.

1 - Manfred

2 - Sven

3 - Letande Avet

4 - Arena

5 - Manfred (in front of the arena)






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