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Little Sisters

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Over at the back of the camp (#1), you'll notice a pair of guards pushing around an "elder" guard. Once they're done, you can talk with the elder guard, Mavrick to find out what's going on.


After obtaining this quest from Mavrick at #1 (make sure to exhaust all dialog options), head over to the hut (#4) on the beach. Mavrick will tell you that he's haunted by specters and on one occasion when he was by the beach.. he crapped himself out of fear when the specter appeared. Once he has come back, everyone saw it and started mocking him ever since.

A few steps can be skipped in this quest, but they'll be added for clarification and richer experience with the quest's lore.

Therefore, your first step should be to visit the brother camp and find Liva (#2) who'll provide you with additional details on the event. The hut on the cliff (#4) was the home of a healer named Malget. Even though he tended to the wounded ones, someone cruelly murdered his children. Malget couldn't bear with that fact and threw himself into the river. You'll also learn that the graves should be somewhere nearby (#3).

Over at the graves, you'll find the three children's graves along with Malget's a bit to the left. You should also notice some signs on them, but the most important combination is the one on Malget's gravestone. It consists of a reversed caret, diamond and caret (^). You'll also receive an update to the quest and you can then start nosing around the house (#4).

To get into the basement of the house, blow away the barrels with Aard. Once you descend below, you'll need to solve a simple puzzle with the candles. If you fail to get the right combination, a wraith spawns. But remember the combination on Malget's gravestone? Use that one by lighting the appropriate candles in order (the furthest one from the entrance, then the one in front, and then the one that's the closest). A secret chamber will open then.

Inside, you'll pick up an item called Malget's notes which will initiate the quest From a Bygone Era. There's not a lot you can do with it in Act II, so keep it for the next act, where it can prove extremely useful.

Next lead is to either wait or meditate until 23:00 near the beach and talk with the specter. Apparently, Mavrick killed Malget's children and that's why they haunt them. You've got a choice now: either kill the specters right away or go to Mavrick to find out the whole story. If you chose the first option you'll receive payment and 50 experience points once you return to Mavrick. Second option yields far more experience though, and is recommended.

Listen to what the wraiths have to say and then go back to Mavric (#1). You can either accuse him or listen to his side of the story. If you do the first option, he'll run to the beach and the quest will be marked as failed once you go back to the beach and deal with either him or the wraiths. If you hear out his story, he'll just tell you that he's not involved in the murder and that Malget dabbled in blood magic during his life. Next step would be to head over to the beach again.

Mavrick will wait for you at the start of the beach at #6. Head down to #5 again where the specters reside and you can either side with Mavrick or the wraiths. Siding with Mavrick is a much better option and you'll receive 600 experience points once you finish the quest along with your payment and the whole truth.

Mavrick was the brother of the three murdered sisters. Their own father murdered them because they were violated during the war event and he couldn't bear that. Apparently then, Malget committed a suicide, but Mavrick hinted on patricide, which means that he killed his own father out of revenge.

1 - Mavrick (in the camp)

2 - Liva

3 - Graveyard behind the hut

4 - Hut and its basement

5 - Specters (after 23:00)

6 - Mavrick (during the final steps of the quest)






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