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Where is Triss Merigold?

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Since Letho kidnapped Triss, the only thing Geralt knew is that they landed somewhere near Vergen. This quest is received after The Walls Have Ears (#1) is completed. Go to Philippa at her home (#2) to find out more on the topic.


Philippa will put you on the next clue on where to find Triss. Apparently, a drunkard from the tavern (#3) saw a redhead falling from the sky. Since there are no other leads, your best bet is to check up on him.

Martus Birut, the drunkard, will request a drink before saying anything. You can either agree to it, or ask the innkeeper to recite it for you. Either way, you'll learn that they last saw her with a troll somewhere in the ravines nearby. Your next goal is to visit the troll at #4.

Troll will reveal only that he found hurt Triss somewhere in the ravines and helped her recover. The femal troll witnessed that and concluded that her male counterpart fell in love with Triss, so she left him. Soon afterwards Triss moved on as well, and the male troll was left alone. Only the soup stayed. He'll tell you the story about Triss' kerchief and that it's in possession of the female troll. Therefore, the next step is to look for her. Before that, you had a choice whether not to harm the female troll. The other one is to simply not promise anything.

The female troll can be found attacked by a group of mercenaries over at #5. You'll find Adam Pangratt with his elite mercenaries. Another choice to be made here: help the mercenaries or side with the troll. If you help the mercenaries, the she-troll will die and you can loot Triss' bandana. Once you return to #4, the male troll will attack you as well. Use Yrden to trap him and bash him to death.

If you help the she-troll, as soon as you kill two mercenaries, Adam will surrender and you can send him to Vergen to join with Saskia versus Kaedwen. On the other hand, when you return to #4, you'll receive Triss' bandana and if you promised to keep his woman away from harm, you'll also receive Troll horn, which can be used to summon trolls to fight for you during the siege of Vergen later on.

Note that after the next step, some quests will be marked as failed for some reason (With Flickering Heart, for example), so you should finish the other main and side quests first before continuing.

Once you're ready, you should head back Philippa with the item as she'll be able to locate Triss using the kerchief. You'll get 1500 experience points for giving her the bandana. During your conversation though, you'll hear a mob outside. It's about lynching Stennis, who is accused of poisoning Saskia. This quest is therefore postponed until Royal Blood is finished, so head over there for the continuation of the story.

After you've resolved Royal Blood (or didn't if you gave fair trial to Stennis), head back to Philippa (#2). She'll say that Triss' signal is weak, but she felt the disturbance on the other side of the mist. She'll find you once you're ready to go at the Vergen's entrance to the mist (#6).

During your journey through the mist, Philippa will accompany you in her owl form just like in the beginning of the act. She'll dissipate all the incoming ghosts and will be temporarily entangled by wraiths who'll cast beams towards her. A draugir will also spawn during these events so just defeat him and the wraiths to proceed. This happens twice before you reach #7. Make sure to stay in the protective aura at all times.

Once over there, she'll tell you that she can't go further with you as Dethmold can sense per presence. Therefore, you're on your own.

Head over to #8 for an interesting cutscene. You'll find a courier and Geralt will try to see what he was carrying. He'll notice an artifact figurine and take it from the body. Roche will then approach you. During your conversation, he'll be furious due to recent events. Nevertheless ,he'll agree to help you find Triss who might be in the Nilfgaardian camp.

There are two ways to reach the camp, either sneaking through the Kaedweni camp, or going through the caves with an entrance from the brothel.

If you decided to visit the brothel

Talk to Madam Carole at #9. Talk to her about getting into the Kaedweni camp unnoticed and you'll have to bribe her with about 400 orens. She'll tell you of a secret tunnel that starts at the bottom of their camp, but they haven't used it for a while as it is populated by beasts. No problem for a witcher though.

Head into the tent and get in the areas below. Search the tower basement for the cave entrance located at #10. The caves you just entered have a few interesting creatures and loot inside them, the most notable one being the golem guarding Armor of Ban Ard at #11. Other than that, there are bullvores and rotfiends all over the area.

Your destination is to reach the exit at #12 and head towards the Nilfgaardian camp. A soldier will stop you there and let you proceed unarmed. The story then picks up the same as if you went the other way. Scroll down to After reaching the Nilfgaardian camp.

If you decided to sneak through the camp

Go to the cliffs at #13. After a few acrobatic moves, you'll reach the Kaedweni camp at #14. At this point, Geralt will go into stealth mode and if you ever get detected you'll get instantly killed by the crossbowmen. Carefully sneak around the cantina to reach #14b. Over at #14c, stop and wait until the patrol (commander + four soldiers) has passed. Once it looks safe enough, proceed sneaking through. There will be a cook at #14d, which you'll have to silence with Axii, by rapidly clicking left mouse button.

The gate that leads outside is at #15. A guard will be there as well, looking through the spy glass. Just knock him down. Once you reach the cave entrance below, you'll also gain an ability called Child of the Night, which grants +2 vitality regeneration during night hours.

Enter the cave at #16. There's a lot of rotfiends inside, along with a few bullvores and a golem at #11 who guards Armor of Ban Ard. After you've explored the cave, head to #12 and you'll find a Nilfguaardian soldier who'll have to relieve you of your weapons if you wish to continue.

After reaching the Nilfguaardian camp

You'll be led to Shilard, who'll continue with his sharp comments on your activities. During the conversation, Geralt will get a flashback about the execution at the Ravine of the Hydra and an imperial manticore. After your conversation, Shilard will frisk you for a figurine. The figurine that you picked earlier in the mission is, in fact, Triss Merigold under a spell called Artifact Compression. You'll also learn that Cynthia, Philippa's apprentice, is a Nilfgaardian spy. He'll then sentence you to death, as you know too much.

Vanhemar, his mage friend, will try to execute you, but just in the nick of time, Roche and Ves will come and help you out. A fight ensues with the mage and a few soldiers. As a mage he has fireballs and protective shield just like Quen so deal with it accordingly. Once they're down, Roche will inform you of the events that will happen in Loc Muinne. You can then take a look around the camp. Vanhemar's corpse has Armor of Loc Muinne. You can also find Song of the Hunt and Shilard's letter to the Emperor in the ambassador's tent (the only one that can be entered).

If you haven't done Royal Blood already, this is the time to do so. You'll ask him if he could cover you to get into Henselt's camp. Further details are on that quest's page.

After you've done all the steps you could in Where Is Triss Merigold? (and Royal Blood) there's one last thing worthy of visit located at #17. In the cellars of the hut, you'll find Malget's notes which are used in the quest From a Bygone Era in Act III. To reach them, remove the stack of barrels with Aard first, and then drop down into the basement. You'll have to solve a mini puzzle. The correct order is (looking at the bone ornaments) - reverse caret - diamond - caret. Caret is this character - ^. An additional cellar will open and you'll find the notes.

Now it's time to head back to Philippa who's waiting at #18. After you tell her about Triss being kidnapped and Cynthia collaborating with Nilfgaardians, she'll be furious and urge you to go back to Vergen at once. Another mist crossing awaits, simply keep inside the circle and you're good to go. Once you reach #19, you'll be back to the Vergen's side of the valley.

Head to Philippa's house (#2). She'll again express her anger, but fortunately Cynthia was in a hurry and left behind Triss' rose of remembrance. You'll gain 2250 experience points and Negotiator silver sword when this quest is completed.

1 - Philippa Eilhart (at Saskia's home)

2 - Philippa Eilhart (at her home)

3 - Drunkard

4 - Male troll

5 - Female troll and mercenaries

6 - Vergen's entrance to the mist

7 - Exit to Kaedweni side

8 - Figurine, Roche

9 - Madam Carole, trapdoor

10 - Cave entrance

11 - Golem

12 - Exit to Nilfgaardian camp

13 - Cliffs

14 - Back entrance to Kaedweni camp

15 - Gate leading outside the Kaedweni camp

16 - Alternative cave entrance

17 - Malget's notes (From a Bygone Era)

18 - Philippa Eilhart

19 - Exit to Vergen's side of the valley






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