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Royal Blood

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As Saskia got poisoned, Philippa enlists the witcher to bring her necessary ingredients for a cure. All of them are particularly rare and rare blood can only be received in two ways, either from Stennis or Henselt, as they are the only ones having monarch blood in their veins.


This quest's received right after The War Council is finished, in front of Saskia's house (#1). The only one available right now is prince Stennis (#2), who can be found in the town hall (you might have to explore it a bit). Asking him to give some blood for Saskia will result in rejection. This, of course, spawns suspicion on the prince.

After progressing enough with Where is Triss Merigold? (bringing back the bandana to Philippa), you'll be interrupted by screams from the outside. Apparently, Stennis has had a hand in poisoning Saskia and the local mob wants to lynch him for it. You'll witness the nobles arguing with the peasantry. There won't be a lot of time to investigate so you'll have to act fast.

Since there isn't much time left, you can talk to a limited amount of people. The ones worth talking to are Halldor Halldorson (the dwarf), as he gives the quest The Walls Have Ears. Another quest can be received from the Aedirnian townsfolk - Suspect Thorak. You can also talk to Zoltan, Dandelion, Iorveth, Johlan and even Stennis by using Axii during the conversation with his guards.

When you go outside the town hall to finish the other quests, once you return a cutscene will start where you'll have to pass judgement on Stennis. In the end you'll have to conclude that he should be lynched or be put on a trial. You'll get 1500 experience points for either of these acts. Iorveth will talk to you afterwards and give you Elven gauntlets. He'll head to gather four more Scoia'tael units to help in the upcoming battle, while you finish business with Philippa.

If you lynch him now, you can get the royal blood from his corpse and the quest is finished along with 1000 experience points.

If you decide to put him on a fair trial, he'll be arrested and put to prison. Fret not, as you'll be able to get the blood during Where is Triss Merigold? during its latter phases, which means that you'll ask for the blood from Henselt.

For now, head over to Philippa, who'll set you up for traversing the mist. More details on the following parts of the story are on the page of Where is Triss Merigold? quest.

Once the episode in the Nilfgaardian camp is over, you'll be back to this quest in case you didn't solve it already. Ask Roche (#3) to help you out with meeting Henselt in private. He'll agree and will lure away the first set of guards. Hide behind the crates nearby and move to the right until you reach the barrels at #4. Casting Aard on the stack of barrels will distract the guards at the royal tent. Now slightly backtrack and enter the royal camp once the guards are gone.

After an interesting conversation with Henselt, he'll give you a vial of his own blood when you promise him to remove the mist. The guards will then lead you out of the camp and leave you at #5. The quest's complete and you gain 1000 experience points.

1 - Philippa Eilhart

2 - Town hall, Stennis

3 - Roche

4 - Barrels, Royal tent, Henselt

5 - End point






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