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Melitele's Heart

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You can start this quest very early in Act I, though you won't be able to finish it until you meet arachas (a bit later once you've progressed enough into main story). It revolves around curing Newboy's talisman with the help of the herb witch Anezka.


Assuming you acquired the talisman in the prologue, head over to Anezka at #1. You can talk with her about the amulet and she'll be very interested to buy it from you for 50 orens, or even 200 if you raise the price. On the other hand, you can ask her about her intrigue with the amulet, and after a persuasion check, you'll find out that the amulet is in fact Melitele's Heart (Melitele is a deity first mentioned in the first game). She'll then mention that she can cleanse it with a few delicate ingredients: a troll's tongue, essence of death, an endrega fetus and arachas' eye.

Troll's tongue can be acquired in a multitude of ways:
- During the quest Troll Trouble, you can play dice with Sendler (#2) and acquire a female troll's head, which comes along with the tongue
- Kill the troll (#3) at any point the game
- If neither sound appealing for you, buy it from Cedric (#4)

Essence of death is an item looted from wraiths. There are a lot of wraiths in the haunted asylum (#5) during the quest In the Claws of Madness.

Endrega embryo is a very common item looted from endregas all around the forest. Check the areas at #6, you're bound to find some.

Arachas eye is the reason you won't be able to complete this quest early. While on the quest The Assassins of Kings, at the point when you go with Zoltan to reach Iorveth, you'll encounter an arachas at #7. Loot the corpse for its eye and a few other ingredients. Make sure to postpone meeting with the kingslayer to be able to finish this quest.

After you've acquired all of the ingredients go back to Anezka (#1). You can tell her that you're ready for the ritual, to which she'll reply that you are to meet her at the Veyopatis' shrine at #8 after midnight. It is best to meditate until either 22:00 or 23:00 and then head there.

Once you meet with Anezka at the shrine, she'll start the ritual. A lot of wraiths will come in waves from the three spawning points around the shrine. There can be only three wraiths active at a time and once you kill a wraith, another one will spawn in the place from where the one you killed came from. You'll have to defeat about ten wraiths. Note that this quest likes to bug out during the fight, so if Anezka becomes unresponsive or something similar happens, reload an earlier save.

Then talk to Anezka and receive your purified medallion Melitele's Heart, which now grants +1 vitality regeneration instead of -10% damage reduction. Also, 125 experience points are yours.

1 - Anezka

2 - Sendler

3 - Troll

4 - Cedric

5 - The haunted asylum

6 - Endregas

7 - Arachas

8 - Shrine of Veyopatis






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