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Loc Muinne

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Loc Muinne - Overview

Act III isn't as big as the last two acts, which means that all the points of interest can fit on a single map. Any quests mentioned are explained in greater detail on their personal page.

1 - Starting location

This is the location where you start the act. Roche will tell you about the meeting that takes place in Loc Muinne and that you should hurry over there. The quest that starts main story is For Temeria!.

2 - Double arachas, Deithwen

In this ravine you'll find two arachas. After defeating them with Yrden and strong attacks, loot the nearby chests and corpses for some extra treasures. You'll also find a legendary sword called Deithwen here.

3 - Order of the Flaming Rose camp

On Radovid's request, Order of the Flaming Rose was rebuilt in Redania and is now a part of Redania's military force. Their camp is stationed here, but unfortunately there's not a lot you can do about them. They will express their hate towards you for killing the grand master in the first game and possibly Siegfried.

4 - Training dummies

Destroying ten target dummies will grant you an ability called Experienced which increases experience gained by 10%. There are total four training dummies here: two in Order of the Flaming Rose camp and two in Temerian quarters. There were more in the prologue and Act I.

5 - Loc Muinne entrance

The entrance to the magnificent elven city Loc Muinne.

6 - Temerian quarter

In this quarter, Temerian armed forces will be stationed along with Constable John Natalis. He's the current most powerful baron in Temeria. You can ask him a few questions about the current state of the country.

7 - A Score To Settle (Burton)

A side quest, A Score to Settle, is initiated here. Namely, in the Act II quest, Against the Blue Stripes, you'll face a boasting kaedweni soldier, who claims to be a top-notch fistfighter. The duel wasn't ended back then, but this time around there's no commander to stop him. Simply thrash his hide.

8 - Incredible Lockhart

Incredible Lockhart is a mage who wants to give up on his profession. He also serves as a merchant of various formulae, materials and alchemy supplies. Nowadays he earns his riches by playing dice poker and claims to have a lifelong winning streak. He can be played during the quest Poker Face: Loc Muinne.

9 - Roche

After you progress through the initial steps of For Temeria!, you'll find Roche here when you're about to visit king Radovid of Redania.

10 - Felicia Cori

Felicia Cori, an alchemist and a coiffeur from Vergen, found her way to Loc Muinne and opened a store. She sells alchemy supplies, along with several diagrams and formulae. You can also play dice poker with her, but it's not quest related.

11 - Marcus & Mighty Numa

The ultimate champion in arm wrestling and circus champion, The Mighty Numa is holding a contest in this part of the ruins. Whoever beats him gets the prize in gold. Unfortunately, he cheats and the witcher will find that out in the quest Bring it On: Luc Muinne.

12 - Bras of Ban Ard

Bras of Ban Ard is a very important character in obtaining the best possible gear in the game. He put up a prize for defeating the gargoyles (The Gargoyle Contract) and he's also an expert in wizard cryptography, as he can easily decipher Malget's notes (From a Bygone Era) and ancient manuscript (An Encrypted Manuscript).

13 - Notice board

As with every notice board, this one's bound to have a contract on it - this time it's The Gargoyle Contract. Besides that, there's the arm wrestling challenge of Mighty Numa. the undisputable champion in the sport.

14 - Inn

Inn is being run by Dalum the innkeeper who also doubles as a food merchant. During your visit, you'll also find Zyvik inside, who'll comment on the Kaedweni's role in the peace summit and the general state of the place. The storage chest is located inside.

15 - Bounty hunters

Just like in every act, you'll meet a bounty hunters' party in here. A nilfgaardian mage along with four soldiers will attack you. Dispose of them and you loot them for some minor items and an arrest warrant.

16 - Vran sentry

This place in the sewers is the location of the wisp sentry for the quest From a Bygone Era. He'll be asking for a password which is a sequence of weird letters. Consult the quest page for detailed info.

17 - Hidden treasures and two bullvores

Continuation on the previous acts, the hidden treasury of the ships which you visited previously is located right here. Assuming you got the key from the second act, you can loot the hidden chest and acquire pattern for the best in game armor, Vran Armor. More info in the quest Mystic River.

18 - Dice poker players

Dice is a vice which knows no boundaries. Even here, you'll find a bunch of dice poker players. The quest Poker Face: Loc Muinne starts over here.

19 - Gargoyle areas

These areas are the objectives of the quest The Gargoyle Contract. More information on how to deactivate the runes is found on the quest's page.

20 - Amphitheatre

This is the place where the peace talks will be held. You'll get to see it during the main quest A Summit of Mages.

21 - Nilfgaardian quarters

Nilfgaardian quarters are only accessible during Where is Triss Merigold?.

22 - Kaedweni quarters

If you support Roche in For Temeria! to find Anais, you'll be infiltrating Kaedweni quarters. The final confrontation with Dethmold also awaits here.

23 - Aryan La Valette

If you spared him in the prologue, Aryan will be here. He'll tell you how he survived the great fire in the castle of the La Valettes and about the current situation in Temeria.

24 - Bearded elf

A circus party came here, but sadly they won't be earning a lot of coin as no one seems interested, so they resorted to selling food. For a certain price (around 250 orens) you can see an elf woman grow beard. Thankfully it's a magician's trick and not a freak of nature.

25 - Redanian quarters

Redanian quarters are available to you for the quest For Temeria!. You'll be talking to king Radovid about Anais and what you learned about Sile.

26 - Philippa Eilhart's house

This house is accessible only after doing For Temeria! and either of the follow-up quests. There's not much to be found there, only a dragon scale useful for creating Zerrikanterment sword.

E - Circle of Endurance

Black club on a yellow shield - Grants +4 armor.

S - Circle of Strength

Sword in a red frame - Grants +20% melee damage.

L - Circle of Life

Red cross - Grants +2 vitality regeneration out of combat / + 1 vitality regeneration in combat.

A - Sewer Entrance






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