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Of His Blood and Bone

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If during For Temeria! you opt to go with Roche and save Anais, you'll receive this quest. It's mutually exclusive with Where is Triss Merigold?. Anais, the only heir to the Temerian throne with royal blood, is in Dethmold's hands in Kaedweni camp.


The quest starts by talking to Roche at #1, in front of the sewers whose entrance is guarded by two kaedweni soldiers. Using Axii signs, you'll charm them and they'll be an easy prey for you and Roche. Traverse to the otherside of the tunnel (#2) and you'll witness some amazing teamwork from Roche and Geralt. Roche will then tell you that he'll go by the walls while you take the ground.

There's really only one way you can go, so just follow the way from where the incoming soldiers arrive. The area at #3 will feature a lengthy fight. You'll also notice Dethmold's apprentice issuing orders around. After defeating all the incoming soldiers, move on with Roche to the area with #4.

After several soldiers in that area's you'll battle Dethmold's apprentice. He's your classical mage opponent with teleport, fireballs, lightning bolts and absorbing shields. After you kill him, the next in the line is Dethmold. He's busy doing something in the ruined library (#5).

Head over down there, only to find Dethmold indulging in homosexual acts. Thankfully, Geralt and Roche will enter the area. Just watch as Roche gruesomely exacts his revenge. Loot the key off his body and open a nearby cupboard. It contains an interesting steel sword, Forgotten Vran Sword.

Also, the energy barrier separating Anais will be gone. Now you have another choice. Agree with Roche to take her to Radovid or tell him that the kings make deals when they it suits them and that situation isn't so simple. It requires of him to be a diplomat, instead of a soldier. You can alternatively take her to John Natalis, the Temerian representative.

As you exit the ruined library, a group of knights of the Flaming Rose will be waiting, sent by Radovid. If you're playing an imported game from the first installment where Siegfried is alive, he'll be here.

If you decided to take Anais to Radovid, they'll just escort her and Roche will be waiting at the entrance to the amphitheatre where the talks start.

If you wanted to take Anais to John Natalis, you'll enter a fight if you're playing a game where Siegfried died. If he's alive, he'll let you pass without bloodshed.

The quest ends then and you'll earn 2500 experience points and receive A Summit of Mages.

1 - Roche

2 - Tunnel exit

3 - Kaedweni couryard

4 - Dethmold's apprentice

5 - Dethmold & Anais






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