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Crown Witness

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This quest is the new one added to Roche's side in Act III. It is started immediately after finishing your negotiations with king Radovid.


After initial fierce conversation between Brigita and Roche (#1), you'll be able to choose whether you wish to accompany her to safety right away or continue with the quest later. Once you decide to do the quest, you'll automatically set out at #2, in front of the main gate.

Follow Brigita and you'll reach a small perch at #3, where you'll descend down into a forest after a brief conversation with her. Follow the path through the forest and you'll get ambushed by a group of bandits (#4), supposedly led by a mage. There will be five in total: two arbalists and three pikemen. Dispatch them carefully and continue down the road.

If you wish to explore the cave with the entrance at #5, you'll come across a unique enemy at the end of it, a werewolf. Once you reach the northernmost tunnel inside, loot Dorian's diary near the bonfire and it will cause the werewolf to spawn. There's also an excellent steel sword on the corpse nearby. Besides that, there are a lot of nekkers to kill and there's another entrance to the eastern end of it, which exits back into the same forest area at #6.

As you continue your exploration, there will be another bandit group waiting at a campfire (#7). The group will be similar to the previous one, with an additional swordsman. Exploring the central region with grant you several hundred extra orens. The first batch of 313 orens is found on a corpse at #8, followed by another corpse at #9 which contains 290 orens. Last but not the least, there's a diagram and some extra orens to be earned at the far left at #10. All of this is guarded by just a few endrega warriors.

Once you reach the main destination, a boat (#11), you'll get attacked by the mage and four more of his cronies. Dispatch them quickly as they'll put more priority on Brigita than you. After they're dealt with, you'll have a closing conversation with Brigita, who'll reveal quite a bit of details about the barons currently aiming for the Temerian throne, Kimbolt and Maravel. After the cinematic, you'll get to choose whether you wish to return to Loc Muinne or explore the forest a bit more.

Either way, you'll get a new side quest called Lilies and Vipers. This one ends with 250 experience.

1 - Brigita, Roche

2 - Loc Muinne Gate Entrance

3 - Forest Entrance

4 - Bandit Ambush

5 - Cave Entrance

6 - Cave Entrance

7 - Bandit Ambush

8 - Corpse with Orens

9 - Corpse with Orens

10 - Corpse with a Diagram

11 - Boat, Bandit Ambush






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