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The Assassins of Kings

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This quest is initially started in the prologue, and gets a bit of attention right at the beginning of Act I, where Iorveth and kingslayer will be overlooking Geralt from a cliff as he moves into the town during the quest A Rough Landing. After that, the quest is continued after finishing Indecent Proposal and The Kayran quest series. All of these quests are explained on their own pages.


As soon as you're done with the aforementioned quests, Triss will be waiting for you outside Loredo's residence (#1). As Loredo told you during a conversation with him, he keeps most of his prisoners in the barge located at #2. In the meantime, Triss also managed to find out that Iorveth's right hand, Ciaran is also one of the prisoners on the barge. It's time to pay him a visit, as he may know something about the kingslayer.

Accompany Triss to the barge (#2). She'll also tell you that he's wounded, so when talking to the ship guards, she'll pose as a healer, while you'll just be able to explain to the guard who's Ciaran or just intimidate him into letting you in, depending on whether you accepted Loredo's offer during Indecent Proposal or not.

Below the deck you'll find Ciaran, severely wounded. Combined magic of Triss' and your Axii sign will help him recover a bit, just enough to start talking. Rapdily click left mouse button to fill the bar and finish the spell. Talking to Ciaran will reveal that the kingslayer betrayed the Scoia'tael. You'll also learn that the kingslayer's name is Letho. After revealing further details about what happened.

During the conversation, Geralt will experience another vision from the past. This time how the Wild Hunt took Yennefer from you and about the island with an apple tree. This will also add the quest Returning Memories to your journey (it's a continuation from the prologue quest of the same name).

Another interesting thing Ciaran mentioned are the roses of remembrance that grow near the elven ruins. Triss says that the petals could be used to restore your memory, and you'll also be able to choose whether you wish her to accompany you to there or not. More details on this quest on the page The Rose of Remembrance. That is a main quest interlocking with this one, and requires that you do it first and then continue with this one.

Once you finish The Rose of Remembrance, next step here is to talk to Zoltan. Because he was sentenced in the beginning as a collaborator with the Scoia'tael, he might as well help you reach Iorveth. So talk with Zoltan in the tavern (#3), and explain him the current situation. He'll be defensive at first, wanting you to think that he isn't really in cahoots with Iorveth. After a while, he'll offer to lead you to a place in the southern forests where you could meet Iorveth.

While on the way he'll mention that Scoia'tael use a password and that they asked him to be a general in their army, which he refused. Once you reach the destination (#4), Geralt will exhibit his sharp senses and ask Zoltan to say the password immediately, as the hidden archers are getting itchy. Zoltan will do so, and you'll strike up a conversation with an elven warrior. Soon enough, you'll continue on your way towards Iorveth (#5).

The elf told you to meet Iorveth right on the clearing which doubles as arachas' hunting ground. Arachas (#6) is a similar creature to queen endrega which you've probably fought earlier, so just try to avoid it hitting you and use Yrden, Quen and a silver sword. After defeating arachas, a lot of archers will flank your position and Iorveth appears.

Once you start a conversation with him, you can discuss everything you know about Letho, Ciaran, Scoia'tael ideals etc. Iorveth will then tell you where Letho's hiding, and those are the elven ruins (#7) you've visited during another quest The Rose of Remembrance. At this point, he'll ask you if you're ready to depart to there. You can say that you are, but it is strongly recommended that if you wish to do a quest called Melitele's Heart, you just tell him that you'll meet him there, as you have some business to take care of first.

Attention! Once you're on this step, make sure you've done all side quests you wanted and finished all other loose ends. The rest of the chapter is going to be really messy and every decision will be important in shaping the future events in Flotsam, cutting off almost every side quest.

You might also wish to save a game here as it's a major branching point and if you don't feel like replaying the first part of the game you could just start from here.

Once you think you've wrapped up any loose ends and are ready to shape the destiny of Flotsam, proceed with the quest. Letho will be waiting for you at #8. Before reaching him, you'll also meet up with Iorveth. He'll come to an idea that you actually bring him as a prisoner, to fool Letho into negotiating with you. It's all a ruse of course.

You'll find out a lot from Letho about the kingslayers (he's not the only one, there are at least two more - Serrit and Auckles), his connection with the Scoia'tael, and he'll also claim to know you from the past (which you sadly enough do not remember). During the conversation, an unexpected visitor storms the area - Roche with his commandos. You can choose either to give a sword to Iorveth or not to. This has far-reaching consequences on the remainder of the chapter.

If you give a sword to Iorveth he'll retaliate against Roche, and there'll be a genocide on non-humans in Flotsam, setting the whole city on fire as elves and dwarves battle strive to survive.

If you do not give the sword the Iorveth, but help Roche instead (by punching Iorveth), he'll be captured and a grand feast will be organized in your honor.

Anyway, focus on the now. A fight broke out between the Scoia'tael and the Blue Stripes, while you and Letho will end up in the elven bathroom, ready to clash into an epic witcher battle. Letho is a really tough opponent, who uses bombs and Igni often to shoot you from afar, and regularly keeps up his Quen. He'll also use Aard pretty often. Igni and the poison bombs apply incineration and toxic effects, while the explosive bomb and Aard will knock you off your feet. His Quen will quaff all your damage.

Do not worry though, he's not unbeatable. Use your Quen as well, and remember to get him caught into Yrden traps. That way, if Yrden succeeds, you'll be able to deal a few heavy blows before retreating. Repeat this until he drops dead. You may as well invent new tactics, anything works as long as you get him down.

Once he reaches about 50% health, a cutscene will trigger and an epic Aard vs. Aard channel will start, with his overpowering yours. He'll disarm you, but not kill you, saying that you're even now (you saved his life in the past). He'll just walk away talking about how he'll force Triss to teleport him to Aedirn, somewhere near the city of Vergen. This will also trigger a new quest called Where is Triss Merigold?. Be sure to loot your steel sword nearby.

Depending on who you helped in the last decision, either Roche or Iorveth will come and talk to you about what happened, and what to do next. Obviously, if it's Iorveth, you'll have to go to Flotsam on your own as he's not allowed to go in there. If it's Roche, you'll go together with him to find Triss. More details on the further events are described in the quest Where is Triss Merigold? on its page.

This quest is continued in the next act.

1 - Triss

2 - Prison barge / Ciaran

3 - Tavern / Zoltan

4 - First meeting with the Scoia'tael

5 - Stop before Arachas' lair

6 - Arachas / Iorveth

7 - Meeting with Iorveth

8 - The kingslayer






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